and kids

and kids

Saturday, October 15, 2016

SEC Saturdays

I love a good rival. And, even tho I am sad that not all my boys say "Roll Tide", it is fun. Especially when my Crimson Tide continues to rule the SEC.

I emptied the dishwasher the other day, which I don't do often, and this made me smile. Variety!
 Then Tavis and I went shopping today and the amount of comments made to us always make me laugh and happy to live in the friendly South. At 3:30 today, Alabama and Tennessee played each other. ROLL TIDE! I was actually nervous that it was going to be a close game. Tennessee has been doing much better this year. But, alas, they stunk and Alabama killed them. 49-10.
Too bad for Daegan, Georgia got beat by Vandy. Now, that is embarrassing.

Homecoming 2016

Last year, this girl didn't go to Homecoming, despite many date requests from guys. This year, she went with Aubrey, just to have fun. And fun, she had!

 What a beauty! 
 My other daughter, Aubrey - we always love to have her in the house.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Yep, This Happened

I now have shaving men in the house (because we know Jason doesn't do that). 

Mostly because Daegan needed to and once I mentioned it, he kept asking.
 And then Tavis got forced into it because he hadn't yet and he was older.
 Just another sign to make me feel old.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

20 Years: Highlands

It is almost our 20th anniversary and we had the privilege of going back to the cabin we went to for our honeymoon. The date of our weekend changed a few times because of various children activities, but the whole trip ended up being perfect and stress-free. It was incredible.

Here is a picture of me by the sign on our honeymoon, and then again this weekend.
And a selfie by the sign (Jase endured my selfies for the weekend)
The cabin was pretty much the same, which was fun. The two additions were this beautiful bathroom and this awesome sunroom.
We drove up on Friday, after we dropped the kids off at school. We weren't sure exactly what time we could get into the cabin, but we wanted to spend Friday afternoon downtown anyways. Hurricane Matthew was hitting the East coast, so Highlands, even tho it was very far inland, had rain Friday evening and strong (20+mph) winds all weekend.

Since the weekend was about relaxation and food, that is what I'll tell you about. Friday night we ate an incredible sandwich shop. Jason got a yummy gyro and I got the best reuben sandwich I've ever had. We ate late and just had cheese and crackers that we brought with us for a late night snack.

Saturday we went to Dry Falls, just like we did on our honeymoon. Even tho a hurricane was coming, the drought was evident in the amount of water coming out of the falls. Regardless, it was beautiful and fun to see the beginning of Fall colors up in the mountains.

Our lunch consisted of Highlands Smokehouse - Jason had a brisket sandwich and I had pulled pork. Jason then endured a few hours walking around downtown venturing into different antique shops in the quaint downtown of Highlands.

There was no cell service at the cabin, which, in my normal life would make me nervous. Mostly nervous if the kids needed something. But I was totally relaxed and I thanked the Lord for giving me that peace. Mollee was at Aubrey's, Tavis was at Josh's, Daegan was with Papa and Grandma, and Capps and Mac were with the Harris'.

All I can do is to keep saying how awesome the weekend was - it truly was refreshing.

Saturday night we went to The Ugly Dog Pub for burgers and football.

Sunday morning it was 40 degrees and we could stay as long as we want. There was no time frame for getting back, so we enjoyed a few more hours sans kids and responsibility.

We headed back, stopped a few places along the way. The views were gorgeous and the weather was perfect.

 We used our leftover food for snacks along the Ocoee. I love blue cheese and baguette bread and Jason loves peppered salami, smoked gouda and crackers.

Back to reality always hits hard and fast. The kids barely missed and we had homework to get done, youth group to attend, lunches and bags to be packed.

But, we will hold on to the memory...of the perfect weekend.

Maybe we can go again in 2036.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

End of another season

I am beyond proud of this girl tonight! She has had some major bumps and bruises along the way of her soccer season, but this year she grew leaps and bounds. She ended up scoring three goals in the season, her first three ever, and her ball control and field confidence improved immensely. 

Tonight was the last game of the season. Unfortunately, the other team did not show up. A crummy way to end a season, but it is ok. Mr T's pizza to soothe our sadness. :)
My girl! My Moo!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Young to the rescue

I wasn't working today at the office, I was working from home. I ran by the office for a 90 second "swing by" and...locked my keys in the van. I called Jase and, I know he would have helped if I got desperate, he asked me to try to figure something else because he was on the other side of town.

I went back inside and told Young what happened and, no big surprise, he came to my rescue. My driver side window was cracked. Not cracked enough that we could get the button pressed on my door, but Young stuck a pole across to the other door and pressed the unlock button. *phew*
I often like to ride with my windows down. Jase does not love this about me, but I quickly sent him a text telling him how good it was that I like to have my windows down. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I *heart* R+F

I really do love Rodan + Fields.

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