and kids

and kids

Sunday, October 31, 2010


There was way too much confusion this year with the whole Saturday or Sunday debate. We opted for the actual holiday and we went trick-or-treating today!
Mollee was a 'fair maiden'
Daegan was a HALO soldier (for all you Xbox fans)
Tavis was Batman
Capps was Robin
and Mac was Batboy
It is fun to a theme group
Daegan wanted to prove he was camouflage
And Daddy going as a "Daddy with a flashlight"
From 6-7 we went to a Reformation Party at church and then the kids really racked up way too much candy since everyone was ready to just empty their bowls and turn out their lights. Not to mention the fact that a few house had special bags for our kids.

Double Digits

My daughter is now 10!

Birthday at the Brown's Friday night (Mollee's friend, Charity, was spending the night, so she was joining in on the celebration)Aunt Heather (Brown) got special cupcakes for the party, they were hugeThe girls being goofy (notice Mac in his Halloween mask)(and note Tavis being very interested in the party - far right reading a book)new sweater that you might notice in the next batch of picturesWe can't do birthday parties for everyone each year, so we decided when you hit double digits you get to have a party. Mollee wanted to have "date" with her friends. So Saturday, I took her and three of her friends out for lunch.We then went to the park for cookie cakeJason and the boys joined us at the park and then we went home and gave Mollee our gifts
And Sunday, we celebrated with the Caines Clan (most importantly, with her birthday buddy, Uncle JR)
smart girl was excited about a BAMA t-shirt

Happy Birthday, Moo Moo!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


This guy got a new baby sister two weeks ago, so we invited him to come over to play (trains, of course) and eat lunch!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

14th Anniversary!

You found out in my morning post that today is Jason and I's 14th wedding anniversary. I love that first picture, he had long hair when we started dating, but for some reason he got rid of it before we married. :( I honestly don't remember why?

The weather here has been quite nasty the last two days. Some schools even closed early because of tornado warnings today. When the second batch of storms came thru this afternoon, Jason packed up and came home a little bit early. Then we almost didn't go out but we took a chance and ended up at Olive Garden (we had a gift certificate and a coupon, how could we not?).

We only went to dinner, but it was nice to get out for two hours without having to answer a Mommy or Daddy question.

Thanks for all the Facebook wishes!!!

I has been a good day! (and I got Jason hockey tickets for December, so we'll get to enjoy those while the kids sleep at Grandma's house)

In Love!

This is the boy I fell in love with 15 years agoAnd the one I married 14 years ago today!!

Here are a few Mommy/Daddy photos from a recent family photo shoot.Happy Anniversary, Babe!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dottie Jane and Family

My mom's cousin has recently moved to the area with her family of seven kids. Today we went and hung out at their new home that has a lot of property.

Tavis showing off a cool rock.Some of the kids on the dock (everyone had a bet that Tavis would be the first to fall in, they lost because he was #2)Feeding the donkey. Lots of fishingAnd a bunch of nothingCooking hotdogs over the fireEating dinner
and then playing in the fire
Thanks DeeJ, John, Tirzah, Jack, Susanna, Julia, George, Gloria Jane and Walter for a fun afternoon/evening and lots of muddy laundry for Monday!

Friday, October 22, 2010

What's your 'Love Language'?

Have you ever read the 5 Love Languages book? Have you ever taken the online quiz to see what your love language is?

The 5 Love Languages are: Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Gifts, and Acts of Service.

I've decided to read this book and probably will refer to it in future posts. I've studied it in different groups, but I'm ashamed to say that doesn't mean I've read the book. I hear there is one about raising children too. As I try to understand the minds of five different little ones (especially one emotional daughter), it might be helpful to read that one too.

I took the quiz and just knew what my outcome would be, but I wasn't entirely correct? I assumed my Love Language would be Quality Time. I require a lot of one-on-one time from Jason. I also am a snuggler so I guessed Physical Touch would be a close second.

I had a 3-way tie. Quality Time, Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation. Does that mean I'm higher maintenance than the average women?

So, all of this, before I pick up the book - It makes me wonder: Do you think your Love Language is molded by who you marry? OR Are you attracted to someone that speaks your love language? OR Are there just those couples that really struggle because they aren't on the same page? Probably, all of the above!

The weird thing for me is that I've been told (remember I haven't read the book yet) that you usually speak the language that you like to be loved by the most. For Jason, my 3-way tie would make sense. I need lots of time with him, I have to be holding his hand when we are close and I love that he is very, very complimentary (and that our boys are picking up on that for their wives one day). But in my day-to-day life of friends, I'd say I show love by gifts - treats, cards (which as I'm writing this, I'm thinking this probably goes under Words of Affirmation, not Gifts?), small surprises?? On my quiz I got a "zero" for Gifts, but maybe that is because my husband isn't a gift giver so I couldn't relate to the questions on the quiz.


Just thinking "out loud"!!!

What is your Love Language? Are you sure?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Mum

Don't you just love all the beautiful mums around? Yellow is my favorite color of mum. I love watching them too. Here was mine about two weeks ago.

and then today!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Money Motivator

I already confessed here that I bribe my children.

And I'm not ashamed.

Daegan has had three teeth dangling for awhile now and for some reason, I couldn't handle it anymore. When he got home from school today I told him I'd give him $2 if he pulled those teeth out. Literally, within 90 seconds he had all three out. Apparently, losing three teeth in a day is a family tradition!

And inflation has affected our household also??

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ally and Micah

This afternoon we had some friends over. We started with our Krispy Kreme treats.

Then the boys moved outside to footballclimbing trees, chasing cats, and all those other things boys do.The girls played American Girls, we painted fingernails and toenails and they got dressed up.The boys then moved inside and played 45 minutes of Fusion Frenzy on Xbox.And the girls (plus Tavis) moved outsideThen everyone moved outside with snacks in the picnic basket (notice my new picnic basket)Having Ally and Micah over was long overdue. So glad we got to enjoy them today!!!

The kids are already planning their next visit.

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