and kids

and kids

Saturday, April 30, 2011


aka. Soccer We went to a game today with Papa, Ruth and Gary and the Harris family.

Last day with RuthDaegan, off by himself, enjoying the peanuts!

Gary and CappsSince there weren't that many people (583 to be exact), the boys played musical chairs.It was hot and quite sunny, Mac and Ezra tried to hide in the shadowsIt was fun, I'd like to go again.

maybe sans kids?

and at night?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Double Date

Got to go on a double date with Ruth and Gary tonight. We went to Outback because Gary wanted to know what a Bloomin' Onion was! Didn't get a group shot because wouldn't allow me to ask someone to take a picture.Afterwards, with bellies very full - we went to get ice cream!Then we walked around Best Buy, seems to be where Jason and I end up after every date.


I was always told that tornadoes didn't come to our area because we were protected by mountains. I have shared that lie with my children. When they questioned me on this yesterday, Jason assured them, "you can't put God in a box". Remember the Titanic?

The pictures that have surfaced over the past 24 hours are astonishing. Here is one that represents the eeriness of the sky on Wednesday. So many of the people I know have been affected. Here are the homes of friends that have been affected the worst:

This is supposed to be a neighborhood.This is the hail that was collected by friendsAnd at the schooland the powerlines down on the road next to the schoolYesterday was spent checking in on friends. I was on the phone all day. I also received many calls from people from afar that wanted to make sure we were ok because of what they saw on the national news. This is many weeks, months, possibly years of rebuilding.

We are thanking the Lord that our home is ok and our family is safe. Praying for others!

My Princess

(in the wee hours of the morning)Watching this princess getting married! I have fond memories of watching Princess Diana getting married when I was a little younger than Mollee!

Watching History!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jason's Birthday

Today has been...interesting!

It started off with me taking Daegan to the dentist at 8:00. He had to have a lot of dental work done that he knew about (sorta) and I felt bad once he realized what all was going on. If you live where I live, you know we have had lots of storms today - tornadoes, winds, rain, hail, lightening, etc.

While Daegan was getting his work done the first wave of storms hit. Thankfully, the dentist was able to get everything done before there was a loss of power. Here he is with all his stickers - "Careful, my tongue is asleep", "Lost a Tooth!", and "I've been Sealed!" As I was trying to leave the dentists office, I had to take all sorts of alternate routes because there were trees (big trees!) down in the downtown area, along with powerlines. As I was weaving through back roads, wondering where we would end up, the school "called" (automated system) and said they had no power and we were to come get our kids.

What should have been a 5 minute trip, took about 40 minutes. I got the kids, along with nephews, and prayed. My phone was almost dead and we were almost out of gas, but couldn't stop to get gas because no one had power.

Thankfully, we made it home, which also had no power.

Today is Jason's 37th birthday! (my father would like to claim to be the first caller to wish Jase a Happy Birthday). Since he was home for lunch, we decided to celebrate then, except there was no cake! Doesn't this look like an exciting party? More cool t-shirts for Daddy! And another coffee cup!And a CD!Then the kids and I left to dye eggs and let Jase have some "alone x-box time"!

When Gary was about to watch a soccer game, he called Jase to come watch it with him, so I helped mom sort thru some wedding photos and then watched the game with the guys!

Subway had power at dinner time, so they were the lucky ones to "cook" Jason's birthday dinner - I was planning on Heidie cooking us meatloaf tonight, but that didn't work out.

Now, (another power outage didn't allow me to finish/post this last night)

The kids were already in bed when the power went out for the second time. We listened to the storm in the dark and I think the power came back on around midnight, thankfully we hadn't left too many lights on.

It was a terrible night for many. Many friends hit by tornadoes, some of them have trees on their house and some have lost their homes entirely. It is going to be a long day....

Better Late Than Never, Right?

We finally dyed eggs today.

It has been so crazy around here but I wanted to find a time that we could do it with all the kids, Aunt Ruth and Uncle Gary and with Grandma J. Because of all the tornadoes, the school didn't have power and the kids were home, so, today was the day! We were outside because we didn't want to make a mess inside, but we had to do it between storms and we had to hold onto things so they wouldn't get blown away.

I had gotten a glitter egg set and a tie-dye set.Ruth always likes to use the crayon!The tie-dye was little messy and detailed, but fun!

I've only known Gary for a month now, but I have a lot of pictures of him with this face!

I love these memories and was so glad Grandma J was here to join us again! (Even if I did get a little messy)So worth it!

Note to self: 3 dozen eggs goes quickly with that many people!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dusty and Dr. Skip

We love the Kemps! They used to come over every Sunday night. We'd play Phase 10, raid 'the pumpkin' and just hang out. But life has gotten busy....

Tonight they took us all out to dinner for Jason' birthday tomorrow! (the kids were fighting over who would sit by who, thus the seating arrangement) It was a great night out!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Original Name, I know!

Morning: Easter Baskets Our own R2-D2Mollee is always the last one to surface for her basket, I love her bedhead!!!!

Daegan got a Georgia Bulldogs hat and Tavis got a Tennessee Vols hat. It kills me to buy such items, but I think team loyalty is important, even if it is the wrong team! Roll Tide!Before church:

After church:We also had a big Caines Family Photo - coming soon....

after some PhotoShop action!

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