and kids

and kids

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thanks Uncle Daniel and Aunt Heather!

When Daegan had his tonsils out, Uncle Daniel and Aunt Heather brought him a bag of books.  One book was a list of practical jokes and how to make them happen.  D&H - we've been meaning to thank you!

The book has a lock and key and Daegan has protected that thing like a baby.  He won't let anyone look at it because he doesn't want anyone to know what he is up to.  Which, I must say, is actually smart!

Last week, he switched all the bags of cereal after bedtime.  Then, in the morning, as the kids were getting their breakfast (half asleep) they all poured themselves the wrong cereal.  I'm not proud to say, when Mac got Cookie Crisp instead of Fruity Pebbles, he cried!

In the back of the book there is a log to report your joke and then who you played it on and how funny it was.  As the kids each wondered into the kitchen and got breakfast, Daeg just sat at the table recording it all.

On Sunday, after lunch, we were handing out oreos and ice cream and Daegan got a special oreo for Tavis.  It had Ranch dressing in it instead of creme. 

I'm a little nervous how this is going to play out for myself....

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hotter than Hades Memorial Day

And not just because of the hot day - see below!
 All of the sudden our weather has turned hot!  So hot!  The kind of hot I hate, unless by the pool!  So, we borrowed the neighbors pool for a couple hours to celebrate Memorial Day.  Jason didn't go to work and I didn't do any paperwork. 

Just chillaxin'!! (look at my cute boy in his new bathing suit)
 Unfortunately, Daegan only lasted a few minutes.  He cried because his ears popped every time he went under water.  If I was supposed to get him to wear ear plugs after tonsillectomy and ear tubes, no one told me.  But he swam briefly and then had to get out?  *sigh*

 Even Daddy got in and worked on his farmer's tan...briefly.

Then, for dinner we went to the Gregory's house.  And that is where the heat started.  Apparently, their AC is out and it was a holiday, so they had to wait to have it repaired.  And it was hot!  And I'm glad I wasn't the pregnant one.  :)

But we had fun!  And stayed too late - Chris finally kicked us out at 11:00.

Daegan and the twins!
 The girls playing with a bucket of water
 Capps and Christopher being boys
 and a little game of Foosball
And then back home to a 20 degrees cooler house and everyone in bed before midnight!!!  Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

First Day of 2012 Sumer Break

Why not kick off summer with a trip to Mama Jo's pool?
Everyone had to squeeze in to their old suits since I haven't had time to think about buying new ones yet.  That was ok for some, questionable decision on others.

Mac missed out on swim lessons a few years ago because he was so young when the others took class.  I'm thinking it is time for lessons and we can loose the swimmies forever!
 Tortured (or so they would say) the kids with a picture for my Facebook banner.  :)
 Daegan is only on day 8 of "after surgery recovery", so taking him swimming probably wasn't a good call, but he knew quickly that he was too tired and was happy to sit in the shade with my iPhone.

And the living is easy
Fish are jumping
The cotton is high....

(one of my favs)

Our first of many 5th grade graduations

(I still don't have a camera worth anything, but this is what I got:)
Mollee getting her diploma:
And shaking hands with her teachers:
We aren't old enough to have a middle-schooler, are we?
Mollee and Mimi
Mollee with a gift - an old perfume bottle that used to belong to Mima, it is an owl wearing a graduation cap!
And she got Perfect Attendance!!!  That is a feat around this house!

Last Day of School 2012

Mollee was dressed up for graduation and Daegan was in his PJs still recovering from tonsillectomy.  Tavis and Capps were supposed to wear "old" clothes so they could clean desk and classroom.
Countdown to Summer is Over!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tonsils, Adenoids, and Tubes

When Daegan does something, especially in the medical field, he usually goes all the way.  He had his tonsils and adenoids out and we were going to see what his ears looked like before surgery (two weeks after our appt).  They were still full of fluid, so Dr. decided to put tubes in as well. 

Here he is enjoying cable tv and totally in charge of the remote!
After surgery they granted my wishes of keeping him on oxygen for awhile.  He was glad to finally get rid of it, but they monitored his oxygen until we left.  Dr. said he had very large tonsils and adenoids (larger than most adults) so I hope this will all help him feel better and not be so prone to sickness - I think he missed more than 25 days of school each year for the past three years. 

Here he is playing on my iPhone while recovering.
He rode a wheelchair to the car, but tried to absent-mindedly get up a few times when the poor nurse stopped.  Then, on the way home, he threw up in the car.  He seemed better after that and still wanted to get a milk shake at McDonalds.  He has been sitting here playing Xbox since we got home around 3:00.
Surgery Recovery=Lots of Screen Time!

We didn't meet one person today at the hospital that wasn't pleasant and extremely helpful.  And it was nice to get a personal call from Dr. Barnes tonight to check on the patient!  :)

Imax and Southern Belle - Tavis

With Daegan's tonsillectomy I am missing a lot of the end-of-the-year field trips (didn't think that thru when we scheduled surgery)

Today, Tavis' class went to the IMAX and saw a 3D Ocean movie - and yes, Tavis acts like this, even when I'm not there.
 Two of his best buds - Julian and Jacob
 Then they went on a Southern Belle cruise for lunch

 His class under the bridge!

Last Day of School....for Daegan

Tomorrow he gets his tonsils out, which will result in him missing his last week of school!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Heading to Atlanta!!!

The 5th grade class left for Atlanta today for 3 days!  Mollee has been very excited and has been requesting access to her suitcase for four weeks.  Finally, today was the day!  (Mollee and Jonah)
Two big buses for 74 5th graders and luggage!
I love the way they have set up chaperones.  Each one is responsible for two or three kids and are with those kids at all times.  And they share a hotel room with them.  This is Mollee's group - her friend, Rachel, and her Mom
Just another week of elementary school for this crew!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tavis at Red Clay

Tavis' class went to Red Clay State Park.  Thankfully, one of the Dad's took some pictures. 
 Tavis using Julian as a pillow on the way home!

"Put your brain in gear!"

That is a phrase I heard my Dad yell at my brothers A LOT growing up. 

It sums up how I felt when Tavis came inside to tell me about this:
This is Mollee's bedroom window.  He thought he would throw rocks at it to scare her.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

My greatest blessings call me 'Mom'

Gift from Capps, plant, a beautifully decorated bag and about six different homemade cards.
From Daegan, a mosaic tiled candle and a sweet letter.
From Tavis, a patchwork heart square that he sewed.
From Mollee, a sweet card, a beautiful bag and a brooch made out of puzzle pieces.  I wore the brooch to church!
Mac didn't have anything for me, which really upset him, but when Daegan handed me his bag, he said, "Mom, this is from Mac and me!", then I saw him wink at Mac and give him thumbs up!  :)  So sweet!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

David, Luke and Andrew

For three years now, Jason has been a small group leader at church on Wednesday nights.  He has really loved it and he is going to be really sad when two of his guys graduate in a few weeks and head off to college in the Fall. 

We had them over for dinner tonight and they played a game of Trivial Pursuit.  I was determined to get a picture of Jason with his guys, but I failed to do so - again!  But this is what I got for the memory books.

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