and kids

and kids

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Artsy U

Mollee went to a birthday part today where they went to an art studio and had a two hour paint class.
I am constantly amazed at the ideas people come up with.

Red, White and Blue!

All Summer long we have been pretty good to keep our sleep schedule "normal".  Obviously, I haven't been waking the kids at 6:45 like I would during the school year and we have had a lot of late nights, but we've also continued mostly with 8:00/8:30 bedtimes.

The Olympics has blown that for us - right before school!  I love the Olympics and I love that the kids get excited for Team USA.  Tavis is the most interested and loves to find out what is on during the day - I know this isn't a ploy to watch TV because he watches the least amount of any of us.  So far, I'd say Mollee loves the diving and gymnastics, Tavis loves the beach volleyball and water polo, Daegan loves to read (see below), Capps loves the gymnastics and Mac likes the boxing and wrestling.

Here we are tonight, watching - and Tavis doing something goofy?
 And Daegan reading in the kitchen
And please notice my "flag" hand towel on the stove - so patriotic!


Soccer Camp for Moo!

We have not allowed the kids to do sports yet.  We have five kids and very limited "extra" money and, honestly, Jason and I are both very selfish with our family time.  We have been critized for this decision from some, with the comment they won't be as advanced as the other players, but we do not regret it. 

The house rule is you can play when you get to 6th grade.  Mollee has decided to try soccer (a silent yeah, she didn't pick cheerleading....).  We had to go this past weekend and buy cleats, athletic shorts and some sports shirts.

She is at Soccer Camp this week at school.  She was a little nervous, with no idea what to expect, but I think she is enjoying it.
It is hot and it is hard work, but she gets to take a gatorade (precious commodity around here).  She is exhausted afterwards and will decide at the end of the week if she wants to try out for the team.
And thus begins the extra-curricular activity, beginning with our Sunday Nights now turning to youth group activities.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Time Machine = Butterfly Effect

Today in the van, the boys were discussing how awesome it would be to get a time machine and go back to the Garden of Eden and not let Eve bite the apple.  "Then everything would be ok!"


Daddy will have to explain the Butterfly Effect to them later.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another Summer Week in Review can only mean one thing.

Crazy Busy!!!

Summer is slipping away from me and I haven't done half the things I desired to do with the kids.  So blessed to be able to work from home, but sometimes it is hard to get away from work and then I get to 3:00 and don't want to embark on an adventure.

The kids have been patient, but I'm going to have to do a few activities next week for their sanity, for my sanity and for the sake of my blog that is suffering.

Monday was crazy busy.  I was working away on paperwork and also needed to run a few work errands, which the kids always get to endure.  My sister called and asked if I could keep her kids a few hours so she could run errands and then we'd split for lunch and then she could watch mine for a few hours for errands.  It was great so the kids were entertained with play all day and didn't have to run around with me.  Plus, I was able to get a lot of paperwork done without them in the background needing something.

Tuesday I woke up sick and stayed in bed most of the morning.  Then got some paperwork done and then headed back to bed around 6:30.  I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee and totally forgot.  Thankfully, she is a crazy, busy mom too and she also forgot - we are great for each other.

Wednesday I got in a massive clean-out mode.  I get to the point that I feel claustrophobic from "stuff".  I had high hopes for cleaning out this Summer and painting a few bedrooms and my office, but none of that has happened yet.  Maybe those things really would be better to tackle after the kids are back in school??

Thursday some of the kids had dentist appointments so we did that, ran a few errands, work and then I cooked dinner for the family before heading out to a pedicure with a friend.  I haven't had a pedicure in over a decade.  The lady that did it was absolutely hilarious and Reba and I laughed so hard for an hour, I'm not sure if it was relaxing, but it was awesome!  And we both needed the laughs!  Then we ate a very late dinner at Cracker Barrel until they practically kicked us out and/or were putting the chairs up on the tables as we were still sitting there talking.

I don't remember what I did Friday, but Friday Night I had to take Tavis to a friends house for a sleep over. 

Saturday was another wonderful day of hanging out with friends.  I love the once-every-six-to-twelve-month lunches I get when Julie is in town with Julie, Lyndsey, Tammy, and Alison.  So fun!  We missed Cayce this time!  Then I had to pick up some signs for work and then get Tavis from his friends house.

Sunday was a low-key day where we just made it to church in time (we all woke up very, very late), had a low-key dinner at Mom and Dad's (low key b/c the Harris cousins weren't there, so the chaos was low) and then home for some nothingness.

As I look back on this post, it is sorta boring news, but it is what we did.  We counted 25 days until school today, which makes me choke a little.  My baby will be going school, my girl will be going to Jr. High and we haven't bought any school supplies.

And we definitely haven't done enough fun stuff!  On to FUN MOMNESS!!!


Friday, July 13, 2012

On the book shelf...

Summer reading has proven not to be a chore this Summer, sorta?

At the end of school last year, we found out the sad news that our school was not going to participate in AR - the reading program that tested the kids comprehension of books they've read.  Then they earned points towards each book.  This makes me so sad because it has been a huge help for the teachers and for myself to make sure the kids are reading on the proper level.

But, I'm trying to have a positive attitude in front of the kids.

To ensure that positive attitude, I did find out that the school still has access to the tests, they just aren't going to give awards and certificates for AR points.  Therefore, we are having our own family awards and certificates. 

So, the kids (mainly Daegan) have been reading up a storm. 

Capps got a bunch of Lego Ninjago books for his birthday and has been enjoying those, but he is also reading thru all the Magic Tree House books that he didn't read last year. 

Tavis has flip-flopped around through a few books (abridge version of Moby Dick and abridge version of Sleepy Hollow - thanks Dana!).  Last week I handed him Eragon.  It is a story about a boy and his dragon that Jason and I read together a few years ago and I really enjoyed it.  Tavis felt that it might be too long, but I begged him to give it a try and now he can't put it down.  There are three other books in the series and I'm anxious to know if he decides to read the others.

Daegan is reading thru the Harry Potter series.  He loves it and he just picked it up a week and half ago and is already on Book 4.  Unfortunately, we went to the school library yesterday for him to take his tests and the school has those tests blocked.  *hmpf*  Again, trying to stay positive in front of the kids.  I think this is ridiculous to block Harry Potter and not the hundred other books about wizards (eg. Eragon), but I'm not here to start that discussion. 

Last year, Daegan was only required to get 40 points for the year and he got almost 250.  I told him if he got to 300 points this year, there would be a cash reward for him.  He got 100% (which gives you all the points available for a book) on most of his tests last year.  I assume he'd get 100% on the Harry Potter books, so I told him I'd still give him credit for the series.  We just checked all the points available for those books and the series totals 183 points - so he is certain he will make it to 300....

Mollee has been reading thru the Percy Jackson series, which I love.  She hasn't been able to put them down, which isn't necessarily normal for her.  We had a hard time locating the 6th grade reading list and she has three books required to read - the other grades are only "suggested titles".  So, she has had to put Percy Jackson on hold to make sure she gets her required reading completed.

To add to the Summer reading, Jason is reading thru an eternal series that Chris Gregory gave him.  It is the Wheel of Time series and I think there are about 17 books, all about 800-1000 pages.  So, that is keeping him busy.

I am trying to read One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp.  Reba gave it to me, knowing I needed it.  It has been wonderful and I will blog more about the impact it has had on  me later - but I will say, for my learning-disorderness, it has been really hard to read.  It doesn't flow very easily, but I am going to finish it and I am working on my own list.  And I am excited to share more about this later.

What are you reading?  Or, what are your kids reading this Summer?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Monkey Turns 8!

For us, with our birthday celebration schedule, a Saturday birthday is perfect!

Capps went shopping with Mimi Friday afternoon
 Then we had Pops and Mimi and Uncle Daniel and Aunt Heather over for pizza and D&H brought Cookie Cake!
 And Aunt Heather got in trouble for taking personal orders of what piece each child wanted.
 On Saturday, we celebrated - on the day!  (these doughnuts might have come from a local gas station because of poor planning on mommies part?)
 Lots of Lego Ninjagos this birthday!
 And a Paul Frank Monkey Pillow for the Monkey!
 In our house, we have celebrated 43 kid birthdays and I've tried to get a picture with birthday kid each time.
 Birthday Brownies No Chunks (meaning, Grandma don't put Chocolate Chips in the batter).  Aunt Heather (Brown), we used your left over candles....
 and they took forever to light!
 Birthday with Cousins!
Now we are back to stair step ages: 11, 10, 9, 8 and, well, 5!

Friday, July 6, 2012

A Heels Deal

Of course, I love a good deal - who doesn't?  

A few weeks ago I went to Kohl's with a 30% off coupon (love those) and got a lot of much needed items and I ended up with $20 Kohl's Cash.

I hate Kohl's Cash because you have to remember to go back and spend it.  Usually, mine expires.  *ugh*

I was determined to use it this time.  When I left the house, Jase said - "Get something for you, that you'd never usually buy".  So, of course, I went straight for the shoes.

This time I had 15% off and my $20 Kohl's Cash.  I've looked at both of these pairs of shoes before, but they were $80 a pair.  Today one was marked down to $7.49 and one was marked down to $14.99 - so I got them for free.

Vera Wang, Baby!  Aren't they beautiful?

Now, I just need my foot to completely heal so I can wear them....

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lydia and Anna

Got to hang out with these lovely ladies two days in a row.  The kids are awesome with them - especially Tavis!

Jason prayed for twins a few times.  I love these girls, but I'm glad the Lord didn't answer that prayer.  :)

Reba, you are crazy awesome!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July 2012

It was a good day! 

My table was festive with fireworks runner and red/white/blue flowers.
 My flags were hung!
 I went to Wal-Mart with Mollee in the morning.  The boys played XBox, while Jason slept in.  We had a relaxing lunch, reading on the deck, naptime, and a whole bunch of other nothingness.

I bought these yummy steaks and they marinaded all afternoon.  Potatoes in the oven and a bunch of different fresh fruits on the side - strawberries, blueberries, grapes and apples.  They ended up being the best steaks we've ever grilled!
 Our regular Fourth of July party didn't happen, which the kids were sad about, but the son is getting married on Friday, so we let them off the hook.  We tried to make plans with the Armao's to go see fireworks, but everyone around here was doing Third of July fireworks???  Crazy!?

So we bought sparklers and a pre-boxed set of fireworks.  We waited until 9:00 to start sparklers, that was as long as the kids could wait.
 Mac did not get kicked off Team Andrew (but thanks for asking Uncle Paul), he just spilled on his shirt and had to change.
 Look how festive I was!

 After sparklers, we moved to the driveway to do our own fireworks.
We invited Papa and Grandma down to enjoy the "show".  FYI - these strobe light fireworks, so annoying! Favorites: June Bug, Rainbow Trout
 Jason thought it was a good idea to let the kids light the fireworks this year.  Light and Run!  (Well, everyone except Mac).  You can imagine how exciting this was, especially for Daegan.

By 10:00 we were out of fireworks and we moved to the deck to enjoy a few different shows.  Since there were no scheduled fireworks anywhere near us, I'm not sure who's we were watching, but we got to enjoy one show that was obviously professional and we had a very good view of it.

The morning after: All the burned up containers and sparklers everywhere!

It was a very good day!  Relaxing, good food, fireworks, etc.  

Jason is also taking the Fifth of July off, so it will hopefully be a refreshing time for him!

Blue Hair for a day!

Mollee has been bugging me for blue highlights for awhile.  Of course, this isn't something you can do while school is in session.  I figured, what the heck - lets go for it!

We bought the blue dye this morning and tried our best.  
This was a good "live and learn" in the world of beauty products for Mollee.  I informed her this won't be the last time something doesn't exactly work out.  I know how to dye my hair.  I can even highlight my own hair and make it look pretty good.
We bought it at the beauty supply store and the lady said even though it says only 20 minutes, we should leave it on for 45.  We left it on for an hour and it still washed out way to much when we rinsed.
After looking online (after the fact) some of the "help" sites said to leave it in for 3 hours.  Most suggested bleaching the chunks of hair first and then dyeing blue.

Live and Learn!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Meeting Andrew and Tori

As you saw in this post, we have become big supporters of Team Andrew. I used to baby sit for Andrew and his brother on a regular occasion in my high school years. I always remember them as some of my favorites - a fun, sweet set of well-mannered brothers that were a joy to babysit (it was always before their sisters came along).

Andrew got married in December and was deployed to Afghanistan in January.  I'm sure I don't have all the details exactly right so I won't tell the whole story, but he ended up losing both legs because of an IED and is still fighting many abdominal issues.

My kids have prayed fervently for Andrew and Tori, at lunch, breakfast, dinner and bedtime.  It is always amazing to hear the prayer of a child.  They can be such an example to adults as they pray for "simple" things: Pray for Andrew that he won't be too sad he lost legs, Pray for Tori as she loves Andrew, Pray that Andrew can eat Frosted Flakes again, Pray for the other soldiers and keep them safe, Thank you for America, Pray Andrew can get his robot legs soon, Pray for Tori that she can stay happy, Pray for Andrew's Doctors to have wisdom, Pray that Andrew and Tori have a good day today...
The kids have never met Andrew.  They know his Mom and Dad from church and they know his sisters, but they continue to pray for this soldier they've never met.  Andrew and Tori got to come home for the weekend, and are heading back to Walter Reed tomorrow.  After church, General Bell gave an introduction for Andrew.  He described the role of the American Soldier over the past 236 years, he thanked Andrew for his Service  and he thanked Tori for her role as a supportive wife.  Then General Bell saluted Andrew which didn't leave a dry eye in the building.  Andrew and Tori gave a brief Thank You for our support and asked everyone to keep up the prayers!

During the Sunday School hour, we were able to hug their necks - and I was so glad that the kids got to meet the two of them.
Thank You Andrew for your Service and Thank You Tori for supporting this amazing soldier!

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