and kids

and kids

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A 40th Birthday Book Mission

Today Jason turns 40.  A big deal!  But Jason doesn't like big deals, so, instead, of a party, I was on a mission.  Jason loves books and he loves Dr. Suess, so I got this book and had all his friends sign it (for two months I snuck around getting people to write notes in the book - people from his past, guys from his small group, family, new friends, mentors, etc.).  
Instead of the typical Sunday lunch at my parents, we went for a low key family of 7 party at Cracker Barrel.
And when I asked Jason to open a gift, and he couldn't understand why we had to do it there, I knew not throwing him a party was a good idea.
But I think he liked his book and all the sentiments people wrote.
Being Sunday, we waited for awhile, so it was nice Jason has some reading material while we waiting, and the kids could play.

And our server was a "Rising Star" so we waited some more.....
Love you, Babe!
My note on the first page....
And, now, Daddy is an old man!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sunday School BBQ

Great time of fellowship and food at the Lazors
And a time to let Ken and Polly know how much we love them
 After soccer game heat, working in the yard, and playing at the Lazors, the kids slept well...

Friday, April 25, 2014

Taters and Tubesteaks

At the park for hotdogs and brats
 And off to the ballpark

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

The baskets await
 Pictures before church - boys pic while we wait for Mollee
 (This picture will always make me smile because I was trying to make the kids laugh and not have fake smiles and I said something "off" and, of course, Tavis went the opposite of a smile - why?- because he is Tavis.)
But I am happy with some of the pictures I got:
 And the Mommy and Boys pic
 And Daddy and Mollee pic
And the kids didn't want Omar to feel left out
As we were driving home from church, I told the kids we still needed to do a few more pictures, so we could get a family picture.  They got Easter baskets, I get pictures.  Daegan (who is not a hugger), said, can't we just give you hugs?  Sorry buddy, not this time!
And here are a few other pictures from the morning -

The Browns

 Papa with daughter and granddaughter

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