and kids

and kids

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fun Mom Wednesday #4

Double Matinee

A local theater shows some of the older, new movies for a discounted price of $2.50.  On Wednesday, the movies are only $1.  So, today we went and saw two movies.  Just because...

We saw "Mr Peabody and Sherman", great movie - I loved it, and we saw "Rio 2", enjoyed it.  
We snuck candy in for the first movie at 1:20 but then I knew the kids would be hungry by the second one that started at 3:40, so I broke down and bought one large popcorn, which happened to have free refills.  Which we refilled three times.  Maybe I shouldn't admit to that.
Since we never go to the movie theater, this was a major treat!  And another Wednesday win!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Blue Black

This was my Instagram the other day - sorta as a joke?  There is a lot I can't control about "my look" right now (although I am starting to get a handle on my weight loss - finally!) and so hair color is a fun game for me.  I know many don't understand it, but it is no different than changing clothes or trying new make-up.  It is just fun!!
We took my hair out of the budget, even tho I do enjoy to be pampered at In The Buff, yes, that is the name, but we were cutting a lot of things (cable, etc), and hair seemed to be a no brainer.  I can change color for $6 with a sale and a coupon.

This last time I grabbed a box that said Blue Black, and thought, "why not"?  I love it and Jason loves it!  I know my Grandmother does not and I am sure my Mother does not, but for now, it is fun.
It basically looks black, but in the sunlight, it shimmers blue.

It is all about having fun....

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Sanders for Dinner

We love to have people over but we seem to be so busy, it has been awhile since we've had company.  We finally had the Sanders over for dinner tonight and it is such a treat to my boys to have three little girls in the house!
 And the Daddies, of course, checked out the Xbox One.
Of course, having people over means a clean house, which always is nice.  :)  We grilled burgers in the rain and had brownies for dessert.  It was a great time of fellowship too!  A great evening!!!

The Edge 2014

Before Mollee and Tavis went to Camp, they texted Daddy this picture:
 I tortured them with this picture before drop off:
And it was a sweet time to see the large group of Middle Schoolers pray for their week before they left:
 This was our first night as a smaller family (via Instagram):
And these were the pictures I received throughout the week from one of the leaders:
 Tavis slidding (on left):

 They seemed to have a blast and slept for about 24 hours after they got home.  It is always a good experience for them to be away from home for an extended amount of time and I am so glad they were able to do this.  A big thanks to Chris, Reba, Sam, Jason, and Cara!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fun Mom Wednesday #3

The Pool with Connie
With Mollee and Tavis at camp, we decided to have a low key Wednesday and I was excited to spend the entire Wednesday afternoon poolside with Connie.  A past mentor and now friend that I rely on for a lot of advice.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of Connie and I, was a great day!

Report Cards 2013-2014

Electronically *ugh*, so I have to post them to preserve them:

Haynes - Art, Bible, Math, Music, PE, Spanish and Spelling, S+, Languange Arts S-
For his character: Respects authority, self-controlled, listens and follow directions, encourages others, considerate, cooperates - all S+, then he got S on the the Uses time wisely and Is responsible with assignments (I keep saying I may have a Tavis repeat of stress)
Comments: "What a pure joy it has been to have sweet Mac in our class this year!  His heart is so tender which gives reason as to why he is so well loved by others.  I feel that he has worked hard this year and has made gains in both reading and math"

Capps - mostly A+, one A- in PE??, all E in his character assessment
Comments: "Capps has ended the year well.  I am so proud of his accomplishments.  He is an encourager to his classmates and a hard worker.  I believe he will do well next year in 4th grade and the challenge of 5th grade math will be just what he needs.  I will miss him and the wealth of knowledge he shares."

Daegan - all A's, and all E's in character is except an S in Cooperates in group activities and an S in Participates in class.  Yep, he is his own person - begs to be home-schooled all the time. :)
Comments: "Daegan works above grade level.  He has such a gift of knowledge and the way he shares that knowledge with his classmates.  He has been a real asset to our classroom.  It has been a blessing to have Daegan in my class this year.  He is definitely ready for 5th grade."

Tavis - Let me stop a minute and say I am very proud of Tavis and how he worked hard to have a much stronger 2nd semester.  He struggled, but he is coming to terms with the fact and realizing, that is who he is and he is just going to have to work a little harder than his younger brothers - and that sucks, but he has gifts athletically and socially that they do not have.
Bible - B+, Computer - A, Eastern Civ - B-, English - C, Life Science - B+, Math-C, Band-A, PE -A
Comments from various teachers: Thoughtfully contributes in class discussions.  Needs to keep growing time management skills.  A pleasant student to have around.  Tavis' enthusiastic participation in class discussions have been greatly appreciated this year.  Tavis is a joyful, happy and always willing to participate.  I am grateful for all the laughter he brought to class and I'm also very thankful that he uses his gifts to glorify God"

Mollee - Bible - A, Computer - A, Earth Science - C+, English - B, Studio Art - A, Math -B-, PE - A, Western Civ-B-
Comments from various teachers: Super Job! Could put more effort into class discussions.  Great encourager to peers.  Does a great job with details.  Mollee is unique, confident, creative and unafraid to speak her mind.  She has continued to show giftings in the visual arts and I strongly encourage her to continue developing her artistic gifts.  I hope to see her continue toward advanced classes and to continue investing in her talents!  Good progress - She is a pleasure to have in class.  Willing to do whatever is asked.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Worshiping with kids

Each Sunday the kids 'fight' over who is going to sit by Mommy.  I appreciate the love, but it gets a little ridiculous.  You may think I have two sides and that helps, but Daddy always gets one side.  So, it is sorta like calling "shotgun" as we walk into church.

I appreciate that Mollee still wants to sit by me, and it is important she gets her turn.  Tavis sits by me some, but he often avoids the conflict and sits by Grandma.  Daegan is very much about fair and wants his turn.  Capps sits by me, but not too close, and often worships "in the zone" - doing the same thing each week.

Then there is Mac.  My baby.  When he sits by me he snuggles with me.  He holds my hand.  He is a struggling reader, so I get to help him follow along the Scripture reading and the hymns with my finger following the words.  It is a special, intimate Mommy/Son time.

As I was worshiping this week, with Mac snuggled next to me.  I thanked the Lord for #5, because I have a tendency of being ungrateful that my body was unable to make a few more.  I thanked the Lord that my #5 is a snuggler.  That helps!  And I thanked him that #5 is a little on the small size, makes it selfishly easier on this Momma to have him growing up.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Losing Teeth One More Time

Last kid to go thru this toothless look.  I think it is adorable, don't you?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

We didn't really do anything today.  No gifts were exchanged.  That is just sorta life right now.

But here was my ode to Jason on Facebook:

Happy Daddy Day, Jase! To the parent that gets to handle the girl drama and the math homework. To the one who has to read all the books (good and bad) to approve them for the kids. To the one that teaches them all the theological arguments and helps them think for them self. To the cool parent that can still kick their tail at Xbox games. To the Daddy that loves each child individually - Mollee, Tavis, Daegan, Capps and Haynes - and love them unconditionally - I love you and I love being on this parenting journey with you!

And to my Dad:

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! There is a rumor I hear that this man is rough and gruff, but to me, he is the most tenderhearted man I know. I love him so much, I married a similar make and model.

This was attached to a picture that I don't have the energy to transport here right now.  I know, lazy.  But I do love these two men.  These two heroes in my life.  I do not know what I would do without them.  

Oh, yeah!  And I took a picture before church, but apparently, it was sunny???

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Tonight we went to a CFC soccer game.  

Waiting for the game to start:
 Hard to see, but the "band" making their way in from the parking lot. 
 You can always find a friend there.

 Of course, Carter was there - (with Daddy as a coach)
 There was a lot of musical chairs going on.
 Love sitting with and harrassing this cutie
 Gretchen and Cayce (best photo bomb ever by Gracie)

 "Mr Brown" desperately trying to get a picture with Gracie. 
And a final goal making a 3-2 win for CFC!!!!
 Family Fun!  We look forward to the next game!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

"School" Time

With the older four, I don't really have to encourage reading, but I do want them to stay on top of their math facts.  So, every couple of days, we have "school" time for 30 minutes where they have to do math facts.  

Except Mac, he has to read.  He is a little behind in reading and we are trying to catch up to an appropriate level this Summer.  On this particular day, I asked the boys to listen to him read.  It made him as nervous as anything, but they were so sweet and patient with him.  I loved it!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fun Mom Wednesday #2

Chuck E Cheese Arcade

(about four years ago we bought these cups and they told us they were free refills for life - not sure if they expected some crazy woman to hold onto them for so long?)
 Daegan just hanging around

  This is the famous game Daeg hit a big jackpot in once

 Trying to hold King Kong's hands 
Mommy and Mac both hit a jackpot
Counting tickets
 Spending tickets, not on junk, but on candy 

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