and kids

and kids

Friday, December 30, 2011

Uncle Paul and Aunt Sharon

Uncle Paul is my Mom's brother. As a kid, I loved the one week each Summer that we got to spend at my grandparents house and I loved the nights that goofy Uncle Paul and Aunt Sharon would come over to visit. I absolutely cherish those memories.

Because of the 15 hours between us, we don't see them often. This past week they have been in town and what a joy it has been for me to see my own kids develop a love and admiration for them, just like I have! Also, I've gotten to know my 15-year old cousin (their daughter) that I don't know as well.

After I got my paperwork done each day, we've ventured down to my parent's house and hung out.

Aunt Sharon made snowflakes with them
She is amazingly patient!Of course, there were puzzles with Grandma J
I think Mollee loved having a 'big sister' all week and Dana enjoyed having a 'little sister' all week - so fun!
They played Memory alot.
And Uncle Paul enjoyed setting up Dominos and filming them crashing down. If you could hear Uncle Paul's laugh, you'd know just how fun it was!
Here were some girl cousins/second cousins together!
They also came down to our house to play some Kinect. I love how my Dad gets into the playing!
Even Dana was a good sport about it (maybe with a little prodding from Uncle Render).

Mac and Uncle Paul quickly became glued at the hip. Mac seems to capture everyone's heart!
Here is Mac (in his Jack Sparrow hat) between his Great-Great Uncle Paul and his Great Uncle Paul
Somehow the boys talked Dad and Uncle Paul into some football (old against young)
I love Uncle Paul
and Aunt Sharon!
So sad to see them head home, but so thankful for the time we got to spend with them! (and thankful for the chocolate they brought us from Pennsylvania)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I didn't feel like they were quiet that long.

This is a little delayed, but I needed it recorded for the history books, so I'm adding it two weeks late.

I was babysitting my nephew, Malachi, when I realized it had been awhile since I saw Mac and Malachi. I didn't think too much of it, but went to find them. I knew they had been playing on the front porch.

This is what I found : two cheery boys eating candy canes and using their faces as canvases.

Their smiles faded as I started to find all their other canvases.

Front porch pillar Front Porch Screen
Garage DoorChair
Other garage door frame
Both sides (different colors)Recycle can
And, the bumper of my van

You have to wonder what in the world was going through their minds that made them think that this was ok?

65 years!

My grandparents were married 65 years ago today!!! Love them!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kinect produces fun pictures and many laughs!

This picture is worth a re-post. Between the opposite arm moves, the no pants on Daeg and Mac trying to kick the ball from the side, it was worth a re-look. Dad came down to try out our new toy. There might even be a video to view.
Dad really got into it and had his fair share of turns.When Mac plays it always has to be re-calibrated for shortness.
Spectators -
Check out the height Mollee gets on her jumps - it is like she has springs in her feet!
Capps trying to get in on the fun, Daegan with pants second time around.
So fun!

Uncle Daniel and Aunt Heather - thanks, and when can you come over for me to take your picture playing?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Caines Christmas Chaos 2011

I don't think there is any way to describe the chaos that occurs at a Caines Christmas. We try to keep it organized and one gift at a time, but it always unravels quickly. This year we were even missing the Isaacs and the Harris', but we still had 15 adults and 16 kids. Both Great-Grandmothers were there!

Cousins exchanged gifts and Papa and Grandma gave gifts

Me (Ganch - nickname from Emma at age 2) and Emma

Granny handing out cards
with Sarah
After all the gifts had been handed out, Capps asked if he could go "where no one was". I found him on Papa's bed building his Hero Factory.
Afterwards, Uncle Philip letting the little guys play on the iPad
A few different games happened
Grandpa J took a lot of naps and snuck a lot of M&Ms
The kids watched a movie

And Jase and Papa worked on the crossword puzzle
And the kids snuck in a little more Kinect when we got home.

Whoa! A long, good day!

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