and kids

and kids

Friday, August 26, 2011

First Full Week of School

We've survived! That pretty much sums it up.

Last night I went to a 'Classroom' meeting for parents to learn how homework will look, what teachers expect and big projects coming up in the year. It is always a helpful evening, but I had to push myself to be motivated to go. Unfortunately, I had to fly thru like a crazy person because they had time for you to visit two classrooms, I had four to visit.

The kids seemed to have a good week. Mollee has been so happy and organized and loving it all. Tavis has been a little stressed with homework. Daegan has apparently been completing his homework on his own, I didn't know he had any until the meeting last night - thankfully, he's been turning it in. Good job Mom, I know! Capps would say he wishes he could stay home and play with Mac, but he comes to the dinner table each night telling about "the best day ever".

Life for Jason and I has been quite crazy and very stressful. I wasn't sure what the start of school would look like for us - make it better or crazier? Still not sure.

My job is going well and my responsibilities are exponentially increasing every few days (recently taking over the bookkeeping also). I'm trying to find that balance between getting my work done and taking care of the home. Still working on this balance.

Things for Jason have also been very stressful, for various reason that I will not get into here. I really feel like there has been a cloud of stress hanging over the household.

And that is why this weekend is what we need. We are going to have family movie night tonight. No chores tomorrow. And Sunday we'll go to church and then back home for more vegging out!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Another birthday!

I had another birthday. Number 35 this year.

My friend Heidie made dinner for me and my family, which was great! And she made me strawberry shortcake - my favorite!

I celebrated mostly by taking the kids to school and have a date with Mac!

Sunday I celebrated with all my family that has a birthday close to mine - Jacob, Lou, Shonda and Emma - we let Jacob blow out the candles. Mom got me a Tervis tumbler (the cherry blossom pattern I wanted) and some picture frames.
From Jason's family I got money that I bought clothes with and a gift certificate to get some Rachel Ray utensils, which I am so excited about!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday afternoon with cousins!

My brother and family just bought a new house. We were invited to spend the day to play, along with all the cousins. This was the sign to start off the festivities! Fake ferret and a ball, very entertaining!Uncle Jason reading to Louisa!
Popsicles were a must!
The hammock!
David's new toy!
Scooter rides all around. Unfortunately, for Daegan, he was riding when I was driving....
And golf cart rides, which Capps was glad were not required.
An hour at the creek.

A very full paddleboat.

Tavis stepped in at one spot, his feet sunk in the mud, his shoes did not make it out and no digging would stir them -UGH!
Back to the house, dry clothes and a game of baseball.

Capps and Ezra!
Chaotic, but yummy, dinnertime!
And when there is outdoor time to be had, Daegan is inside, reading a book!
More games and the trampoline

Me and David!
And some Polish Horseshoes!

(don't think JR caught this bottle - look at his knee)
Look at this cutie, David's youngest, Louisa! (she had me take many different pictures of her)
And festivities ended with four people getting stung by yellow jackets and a burning of the nest!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Date with Mac!

For the first day of school, I took Mac to the Children's Museum. I'm not sure he has ever been there when he wasn't buckled in the stroller!
The special exhibit is Bob the Builder, which was a big hit!
A friend from church, who was also dropping off kids at school, joined us!

I'm gonna enjoy my last year with just Me and my Pork Chop!

First Day of School 2011-2012

Today was the first day of school. In past years, our school has gotten out at 2:00 on Wednesdays so that the teachers could meet the last hour of the day. This year, they switched it to starting an hour late. Therefore, today was the first day of school, but we didn't have that "morning rush" because everyone was excited and got up early, and we didn't have to be at school until 9:15.

It was nice, except it meant that Jason was already at work and I had to take them.

Mollee, 5th grade, Tavis, 4th grade, Daegan, 2nd grade and Capps, 1st grade. and Mac wanted to join in, age 4 1/2!

Mollee sporting her butterfly sparkle shirt, black bubble skirt and black tights - Old Navy and Target! Don't worry, she has the next two days laid out too!Tavis didn't wear his new shirt? But I like this one!Daegan actually matched,

now pick yourself off the floor and look at the picture (he picked it out!)And Capps in a new Old Navy Tee and a fresh haircut! He was a little nervous today and wanted me to walk him in, which I did, gladly!!!Mac with his new backpack!
And, the kids being goofs!
On the way to school, Daegan asked me, "How many days until the next Summer Break?"

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