and kids

and kids

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pin Strikes = Too Loud

Today I took the kids bowling.  We had kids-bowl-free tickets, and it was raining, and I think many others had the idea to bowl today.  The wait was an hour-and-a-half.  As I was processing what to do, a lady came up and gave me her pager.  She had been waiting 45 minutes and was tired of waiting, so she gave us her spot in line.

We decided to wait and see how fast the line was moving.
 And eat some junk food while we waited.
The wait wasn't too bad - and then we were ready to bowl.  Pin Strikes is so loud, I cannot believe that people are ok with it.  It is also dark and lights flashing constantly.  And loud.  But the kids had fun!!

 Capps showing some enthusiasm!!
 Group Shot!
 Mommy and Monkey!
 Tavis a sweet helper to Mac
 Mom relaxin' between turns!
 Mac's new toothless grin!
 Tavis won the first game and Mollee won the second - good and even!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This sums up my mindset these days

Capps got invited to a birthday party for tonight from 6-8.  I got an e-mail about it a few weeks ago and got the invitation in the mail last week.  I put it on every one of my calendars.  And I put it in my phone calendar.  Usually, when I have things like that, I have my phone send me an alert 24 hours before and then 2 hours before.

I got the text last night.  We talked about the party this morning.  I saw it on the kitchen calendar at lunch.  And then it left my mind.  And I didn't get my 2-hour prior text.

I cooked dinner tonight, Jason came home late, we sat down to eat at 6:30.  At about 6:50, Capps asked, "What time is Elliott's party?"  


This is the new me.  I can't remember anything unless I've written it down and put it in my phone.  And, apparently, I can't remember then either.  

So, we rushed out the door to catch the second half of the party.  Capps missed the bowling, but he made it just in time for the laser tag.

 And he won the laser tag game - so I was forgiven.
But he did say to me - "It is ok, Mom.  I forget a lot of things too.  And, I guess I just get that from you!"

Thanks, son!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Losing a tooth as child #5

This morning Mac lost his first tooth (before his older cousin Ezra!)
 My PJ time tonight he had lost two!
And, as only the last child of a big family could say - he asked, "Do you want me to put this under my pillow or do you want me to just throw it away and you can give me some money?"

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A lazy Sunday afternoon in the ER

Could also be titled, "I met Dr. Travis Stork today" :)

After Dad's incredible sermon this morning, he seemed short of breath.  I even mentioned to Jason - "he doesn't look so good".

By the time he walked down the aisle after the benediction, he nearly collapsed from exhaustion.  There are a few doctors in our church that immediately helped out.  Dad is ok.  In hindsight, it seems his blood sugar got way too low and his body went into shock.

Because of Dad's 1% medical history, everyone agreed that he needed to go to the hospital ASAP.  Because he was so out-of-it and was so dizzy, we called an ambulance to help with transport - plus, that gets you into the ER quicker.

I drove Mom behind the ambulance and we hung out in the ER.  Heather came and after the Dr decided to keep Dad overnight, Heather took Mom back to the house to gather items she would need for the evening.

While they were gone, Dr. Travis Stork came thru the ER.  He was in town for an Expo downtown and he was touring a local ER.  I got to meet him.  Our nurse encouraged me to get a picture with him, but there was such a crowd waiting for pictures, I didn't go for it.  I should have....

It would make for a great blog post pic.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

My honey's bedside table

I like things neat, but there is nothing neat about our house right now.  It is Summer, the kids are home, my work is crazy busy..... blah, blah, blah.

I was out with a friend the other night and she mentioned something about her husband's bedside table. It does say a lot about a man.
This chaos drives me crazy, but I have to let it be "his zone".  Books galore, old mail we never opened that Jase uses as book marks.  TV remotes.  ESV bible.  Keys.  Afrin Nasal Spray.  M&M's.  Random objects he has taken away from the dog.  And to the far left, a nerf sword that he uses to hit the dog with when necessary.

And I love him!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Team Boat Day and Veronica!

Went with the Team today in Jim's boat.  It was to celebrate Veronica - she is leaving us for another endeavor in life (across the country).  Of course, she got to plan the party and but the snacks for the party - even though it was for her!

Andy and Vee-
 Jim and Vee trying to stand-
I've loved getting to know her throughout the last year and I look forward to keeping in touch.  Sending her texts to update her on things that only she will understand.
I love you Vee and your frumpy sweaters!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wild, Wacky Wednesdays

To make sure my kids have some fun this Summer, I am taking Wednesday afternoons off.  This gives me the freedom to plan something fun and not worry about answering my phone or checking my e-mails.  It is great.  I really appreciate it from my Team.  And the kids are thankful and look forward to our next Wednesday adventure.

Today, I wasn't sure what we were going to do.  I didn't really have a plan.  Last minute, I decided the Incline.  The kids have been asking to go for many, many years - and this was the day!  If you aren't familiar with this site it is described as one of the steepest passenger railways in the world. 

And it was hot - I think 94 degrees?  

Here we are cooling off by the fan, waiting for the Incline to pick us up.  
 Our tickets

 At the bottom, it is steep, but you don't realize how "not steep" it is until you get to the top.
 Passing Train #1
 When we got to the top, we decided to venture down to Point Park.
Please note the kids on the left side of the walk and the one daughter teetering on the edge of the walk-way.  What is on the right side of the walk you ask?  A cliff off the mountain.
It was a beautiful day.  And I am so happy to be so close to this beautiful city.
But it was so hot!!!  I was not prepared at all for this trip, which is not very characteristic of me.  And I will not tell you how much I paid for some gatorades just to pull us through the heat.  But the kids had fun!
 Especially, when cannons were available.
 And after we left this spot of the park, we saw a sign that said "No climbing on the cannons".  Oops!
 A Monument I was too hot and tired to read about.  I told the kids to ask Papa what it was later.
 We headed into a local shop (the one with the pricey gatorades) and the boys wanted to buy everything in the store.  Especially these hats (which I'm told were the wrong color) and these AWESOME guns.
 So, when you get back on the Incline to go back down, it is very, very, very steep.
 Capps wasn't so sure about the safety.
 Daegan being goofy about the lack of speed.
 And, Mac, who was nervous to begin with - was loving it!
 Of course, we had to stop and get some ice cream at Mr. T's
It was hot, we were exhausted, but I think everyone had fun!  And we made a few more memories for the blog!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Me and Skip

Love it when I get to catch up with this friend!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Death to a Blanket

Alternate Title: Growing Up Is Painful
Tavis has slept with his Aunt Carol quilt for 11 years, 8 months and 4 days.  It has slowly deteriorated.  I've been afraid to wash it.  Not really sure how it has survived.

Tavis is my scattered brained child that would lose his head if it wasn't attached - you know what I mean!  The dog has chewed many things, but somehow has not gotten to this.  Until today.

I caught Omar in my office (if you are missing something that might have been chewed by the dog, look in my office), shredding Tavis blanket.  I wanted to cry...  But I just called Tavis, faced him toward my office and left.  Tavis grabbed the blanket, or what was left and ran to his bed to have a good cry.  There might have been some kicking and screaming toward the dog, but I would hate to confess that.

Then Tavis and Daddy had a little pep talk.  And now, Tavis has no blanket.  Makes me teary.  A new era in motherhood.  A new era in his childhood.

But I know he still has the biggest piece he could find tucked under his pillow to rub when needed.  And I get an odd sense of relief from that.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

F-I-E-L-D T-R-I-P ! !

Had a slow time in my work day today, so we took a Field Trip to the playground.  Even though it was very soggy!!!
 Then, back to work!

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