and kids

and kids

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fun Mom Wednesday # .....

I've lost count what number it is because we had vacation and one Wednesday was travel day and that was fun, because we were heading to the beach.  Right?  And then the next week, we were at the beach!  And then the next week, my work schedule was recovering from vacation and I barely ate that week, barely leaving my desk...

So, this week?  No idea what number it is?  But, I do know, that at noon, it was 71 degrees.  Not 90 degrees, but 71.  So, we went to the park.  We took frisbees, a hacky-sack, and a football and just went to be active.  And, I didn't take my camera.

And without carrying around a camera, or, even a bag I needed to worry about someone snagging, I was able to toss the frisbee with my kids.  And catch the football, or knock it out of the air and pick it up on the ground.  :)  It was fun.  I was in there playing.  So no pictures, but I was participating.

We then walked down to the river and snapped this on my phone:

And then we went and rode the carousel, went up and got some ice cream and then the kids played in the fountain and got soaked in their clothes.  It was great!!!!

Only one more Fun Mom Wednesday left this Summer, how crazy is that????

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Futbol - CFC, CFC, CFC

Mac and I ready for the game!
And so is Gracie!

And what an incredible game it was.  CFC looked great and they scored four beautiful goals.  And they are headed to the National Championship in New York next weekend.  

Friday, July 25, 2014

Back to Reality

It has been rough.  Files half done and eight new contracts while I was gone.  And inspection periods, which are typically 12 days, were accidentally filled in as 5 days to add fuel to my fire.

Welcome Home Gretchen!  We really missed you is what I think the guys are trying to tell me?  But I haven't received any flowers or chocolate?

I try to work 30-35 hours a week.  This week, so far 52 hours and I know I have some things to take care of tomorrow.

But, I think, a ten day vacation was worth it....

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Destin Vacation 2014

As I look back on our trip, in my morning seat, my heart is beyond happy.  I am usually hanging out in the morning for awhile by myself because my body does not switch time zones and my body does not sleep in.  And even though I went to bed after midnight watching a movie, I'm still up at 6:30.

It stormed all night - bad thunder and lightening and it is supposed to storm all day here on our last day.  We took the kids to The Baytowne Village last night (because my husband loves me and puts up with me wanting to do 'one more thing') and went to Roberto's Pizzeria - something different than seafood!  I actually remembered before we came that I had A LOT of credit at and I am so thankful I remembered that b/c we were able to print many gift cards for Destin locations and have used them all week.  As we were leaving the Pizzeria, we were about to show the kids around because Jason and I had been to the Village alone at night, but we had not taken the kids yet.  But the storm hit and we had to make a mad dash to the car - which was not close at all.  In my warped mind, that was fun!  Making memories!

So, as I reflect on our trip, I am giddy with all the memories we have made.  It has been a long time since our last vacation and I know the kids have not taken this vacation for granted.  It has also been a much easier vacation since the kids are a little older, I've said it before, but I'll say it again - I like where we are right now with children's ages and life!

With our extra days and me working from Destin some, we have had 10 full days.  One other day and today have been very stormy, which I think are great rest days to stay in and play games, but every other day has been fairly nice weather (maybe a short rainy hour here and there).  Grandma and Papa came down and stayed with us and that has been awesome.  I know we only live eight houses apart and people think we see each other all the time, but truthfully, we only see each other in Sunday chaos and if I pop in to grab something really quick throughout the week, but, honestly, we never really get to hang out with them.  So, this week as been nice grandparent/grandkid bonding.  We've also had other cousins at another house in the resort and it has been fun to swap houses for sleeping and playtime.  It has been fun to see them at the beach and pool.  And we've also enjoyed a few meals with them.

Everything I hoped for about the trip has been what we got.  The drive here was easy and less than 7 hours.  Trips to the beach have worked out.  No major sunburn.  Trips out to eat have been low stress.  Remembering has allowed us to eat out and try new places (anyone reading this that cares, we highly recommend Shorty's Surfisde at Grayton's Beach - nothing fancy at all, but food was incredible).  Other meals have been low key - lots of sandwiches and cereal!!  I have not thought about work at all or gotten texted about anything - Jason has had something come up at work and I will talk about that later, but nothing too stressful to worry our week.  We've had good walks, great bike rides, and enjoyed the Caines' golf cart.  No one has gotten sick, everyone has slept well.  We have had some rain but we have also had some really nice weather too!  I hate shopping, but I survived an afternoon shopping with Mollee (not b/c shopping with her is bad, just b/c I hate shopping).  Lots of games, lots of reading, lots of laughs.

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to take this trip and for making it as stress free and as refreshing for Jason and I as possible.  Here is another photo dump of some shots from the week:

Breakfast on the porch
Way too much TV
 Lots of pipes and books on the porch 
 Our evening view
 Mollee and me at Shorty's Surfside 
 The "littles"
 The "big" table being difficult
 Tavis and Thomas always biking
 Uncle Jase reading to Lilly about using the potty
 Mac and Capps bare-chested (swim shirts don't allow for a tan)
 Movie on a rainy day!
 Crusing to the beach in a Mustang
 Mollee Moo
 Golf Cart with Uncle Philip
Jase and Greta

Picture in the hall sums it all up

Friday, July 18, 2014

Vacation Beach Time

A Photo Dump of Beach Pictures

Jason at the beach....reading
 Oh, wait - Jason in the water too!  With Mollee and Tavis 
 I love watching Mac enjoy water, he has always loved anything to do with swimming even though he is not a great swimmer! 
 Tavis helping Capps go a little deeper (a sweet gesture) 
This was a day I braved the beach by myself.  Jason was burned and didn't want to go and other families were not here yet.  I took kids and there was barely any room on the beach to sit.  I proceeded to try to get a picture anyway.  
 Pink sailboat in the background!!! 
Here are some jellyfish babies we caught the first day, each day afterwards we watched as these got bigger and bigger in the ocean (purple flag every day)
Then the cousins came and we could use the Beach Club, which made going to the beach much easier.
 Tavis and Thomas - inseparable (and, technically, they have the same name)
 Mommies and Teenagers
 These four were always trying to dig a hole - EVERYDAY!
 I could sit on the beach all day, but Jason begged me to come home in the afternoons :)
 I think Abby is gonna be taller than me?
 The girls!  (trying to convince Lilly that sand was ok)
 And then Grandma had an hour at the beach - WHOA!  That is huge!
 And Jason made it back again too! 
 Can you say cute?
 And one family photo on the beach

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