and kids

and kids

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Granny turns 90!

There are so many pictures, but I wanted to go ahead and post so I don't forget to.  Here are some favs from the weekend of celebration:

 A sweet picture!
 Two very special ladies that always try to be "behind" the scenes
 Two 11-year olds, going on 18!
 Birthday Cake for Sunday Lunch Dessert
 Jason and Emma!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Homecoming Game

Alumni - Graduating Class of '94 and '92
 This year was Jason's 20th year reunion.
We did go to the Homecoming game (thanks, babe!).  And it was awesome!.  An hour-and-a-half before the game, they had a tent set up with hotdogs and hamburgers for alumni and their families.  They had inflatables for the kids to enjoy and tables for the adults to sit and eat at and socialize.  Kuddos to the school for a well organized event!
Right before the game, the Class of '92 had a tribute for Cheri Trimble.  She was a girl in their class, a very good friend of Jason's, that died of cancer right after their graduation.  They are planting a tree on the campus in her honor and they gave scholarship money to two seniors that resemble her - she was the sweetest girl, with the bubbliest attitude despite her cancer.  She was an incredible woman!
 There is still a debate of how many people were at the game, I'll get back to you on that, but it was a sea of blue and gold for sure!
 Mollee and her new friend MacKenzie
 The other desire for us to be at the game was for Team Andrew.  Andrew, our local humble hero, and CCS  Alumni, was also going to be at the game.  They set up a fancy sitting area for Andrew and family.
 At halftime, he came out on the field via this jeep..
 and stepped out onto the field...
 and stood for a presentation.  It was awesome!
The school has been collecting $2 for Drew for about a month.  They've encouraged that those that could, to bring $2 for Andrew each Tuesday.  On a whole they collected $8k to go toward the house they are building .
The school has also been selling Team Andrew shirts and all proceeds were going to the house.  There have been bake sales and other various activities.  On a whole, the school has raised $22,500 to go toward the home for Andrew and Tori.  

Click here to view the video of the presentation.

I wonderful, forever-in-our-memories evening that consisted of old friends, lollipops, lots of cotton candy on top of a huge crowd and there may have been some sweat!!

CCS Spirit Pride

Today was the last day of Spirit Week.  And today was SPIRIT DAY!
 Mollee took her picture with my phone on the way to school of her face paint.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Spirit Week

Tomorrow is Homecoming at school.  It is going to be a fun evening and I can't wait to go!!!

This week has been Spirit Week and these have been my participants:

Jersey Day - we don't really have a lot of jerseys, but this is what we came up with.
 Camo Day - of course, Daegan went with tie-dye for the "anti-camo"
 Backwards Day - an easy one everyone can enjoy!
 Upper School has a few days different from the Elementary School - Cowboy Day!
 Pajama Day - Only the youngest two were brave enough to go in their pjs (Mac has never been so excited in his life)
Upper School had 50's Day also, but I didn't get a picture of Mollee, she has begun making everyone tardy because she can't seem to get ready in time.

Now, imagine Mollee in rolled up jeans, a button-down white shirt, ballet flat shoes, a scarf around her neck and bright red lipstick.  That is what she looked like.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lego Creations by Daegan

Daegan loves to enter the Lego contest each quarter.  They give six kids, from across the US, a $100 gift card toward more Legos if they win.  (only six, but that doesn't seem like slim chances to him)
This month, the creation is supposed to be a machine to mine gold.

He won the Yoplait Yogurt contest once, so he is sure this is gonna happen.  Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

College Football Cheering

Even though I do not like all their choices, I love for my kids to get into cheering for their teams - wholeheartedly!

So, this was my purchase today:
Two smart cookies in the bunch (Roll Tide!)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sinking Ship Analogy

I post these things to give a perspective on personalities when we read them in twenty years.

Jason was dealing with a situation within the household and by the end of talking with the boys, we somehow landed on this analogy.  If we were on a sinking ship, this is how we believe our children would react:

Daegan would be the first one in the lifeboat, far away from the ship before anyone else noticed it was sinking.

Mac would have a silent panic attack only resolved if his brothers were in the mood to help him at that moment.

Capps would help anyone and everyone he could.

Tavis would be the one still clinging to the mast as the ship was almost under water, still claiming that the ship wasn't going to sink.

Mollee wouldn't hear what was going on because she had her ipod turned up too loud.

Mollee' first Youth Retreat

Dropped Mollee off on Friday evening to head out on her first youth retreat.  She was a little nervous because she didn't know what to expect.
 This is the crew (thanks Tammy for taking pictures)
Yep, I know for sure that she enjoyed this muddy experience (bright green shirt)
They returned today around noon.  She said she had the best weekend of her entire life.  I knew she'd have a blast, I'm glad she decided to go.

Many more of these in our future!

Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me

Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in Thee;
Let the water and the blood,
From Thy wounded side which flowed,
Be of sin the double cure;
Save from wrath and make me pure.

Not the labor of my hands
Can fulfill Thy law’s demands;
Could my zeal no respite know,
Could my tears forever flow,
All for sin could not atone;
Thou must save, and Thou alone.

Nothing in my hand I bring,
Simply to the cross I cling;
Naked, come to Thee for dress;
Helpless look to Thee for grace;
Foul, I to the fountain fly;
Wash me, Savior, or I die.

While I draw this fleeting breath,
When mine eyes shall close in death,
When I soar to worlds unknown,
See Thee on Thy judgment throne,
Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in Thee.

(Sing this in your head to the original tune that Jason sings or the James Ward tune that I enjoy)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hurry up and Wait!

That was the name of the game for me today.

I signed up to work in Daegan's class every Friday morning to help with spelling tests, reading centers or whatever else Mrs. Wilson needs.  Therefore, I knew I had to take the kids to school this morning, which meant I had to get up way earlier than I prefer.

I got up early enough to be showered, completely dressed for work (meaning hair and makeup, not just grunge) and enough time to get a few e-mails done and some paperwork scanned - all BEFORE I woke the kids up at 6:45.

Kids up, everyone dressed, I packed lunches while they ate breakfast and then we hurried out the door.  Only to sit in traffic on the way to school.

The kids jumped out of the van, to get in before the bell rang and since I had twenty minutes before I was needed, I parked and waited in the van enjoying some music that I picked out and sipping on the hot tea I made as we were heading out the door.

When I got to the classroom I remembered the kids had NWEA testing this morning and I wasn't technically needed until later.  I helped monitor the test, meaning I walked around the computer lab (instead of coloring in dots, they were just clicking on the computer) and helped if the kids had any questions - for an hour.

Then I helped with spelling tests, monitoring snack time on the playground and then I graded some papers.

At that point, it was almost lunchtime for kindergarten, so I figured I might as well run across the street and get a Subway, and then I listened to voice mails and answered e-mails on my phone until Mac's class got the cafeteria (how wonderful to be able to work, even while at school).

I ate with Mac and then waited around and sat with the other kids as their classes cycled thru for their lunchtime.

I left school and picked up some paperwork at a title company and then headed to the office.  I got a few more things taken care of, and before I knew it my alarm on my phone (yes, I have to have an alarm now) was telling me to go pick up the kids.  I headed to school and waited in the eternal carpool line to get the kids.

When we got home, I had a lot of work to catch up on and I worked for two hours, while the kids watched tv - Friday afternoon is the only time they get to watch tv these days.  Jason was picking Mollee up from soccer practice, then she had to get a shower and be out the door to leave the church on a Jr. High Retreat.

They got home at 5:35 and we were supposed to be at the church by 6:00.  She showered quickly, but we didn't make it in time, which was not big deal since they it was 6:45 before the vans actually pulled out of the parking lot.

I then headed to the nearest drive-thru, Hardees, to get some dinner.  If you are in a hurry, do not pick Hardees.  Their food is good, because the really don't cook it until you order and it is a fairly slow process. I waited and waited and waited for our order and by the time I got home and we were eating dinner, it was close to 8:00.  And then I remembered I was supposed to feed Mollee dinner before I dropped her off.  *sigh*

So, I hurried up and waited all day and now I'm going to hurry up, get ready for bed and wait to fall asleep....NOT, I'll be in sleepy land real soon....

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday

1) Thankful again for texting - but this time, being able to text with sister who is on the other side of the world - literally.
2) Thankful for flute practice that happens outside (sorry to the neighbors).
3) Thankful for kids that don't care if we have cereal for dinner.
4) Thankful for Krispy Kreme Hot-Doughnuts-Now.
5) #5 last week, thankful I can finally share - Uncle Daniel and Aunt Heather are going to be parents!!! Whoo-Hoo!!!
6) Thankful for cool weather mornings, even if it means finding a jacket for everyone to have for first recess.
7) Thankful that on some days I can work in my "fat pants" - at our house this refers to pj pants and/or yoga pants.
8) Thankful for football.
9) Thankful for a husband that is patient with my stubbornness.
10) Thankful for Chris and Reba.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Andrew and Tori

A few weeks ago, we sent a card to our hero, Andrew.  He is walking with prosthetics  now and continues to go thru physical therapy at Walter Reed.  He was also recently awarded a Bronze Star.  He and his beautiful bride, Tori, are an amazing story of courage, faith, endurance, patience, etc.

I told the kids we needed to make him another card, because we pray for him all the time and he has made such progress lately.  We follow his daily updates on Facebook, so I told the kids to draw something for him that represents things that he would like (according to what they know from FB). 
Of course, we did the name in a flag for this soldier, and then in the inside - Mollee did golf, Tavis did a military scene and then he did Frosted Flakes (because their GREAAAT!), Daegan did a CCS picture and Capps did baseball/Atlanta Braves.  I asked Mac to do something (age 5) and he did Star Wars, because,
"Mom, everyone likes Star Wars"!!
Today, we got a thank-you card from Andrew and Tori for our card and our prayers.  I know they get lots of cards every week.  To take the time to acknowledge our card, meant so much to the kids.

Yep, they are amazing!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Heidelberg Catechism #27

What do you understand by the providence of God?

Providence is the almighty and ever present power of God by which He upholds, as with His hand, heaven and earth and all creatures and so rules them that leaf and blade, rain and drought, fruitful and lean years, food and drink, health and sickness, prosperity and poverty - all things, in fact, come to us not by chance but from His fatherly hand.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mollee's knee

So, if you know Mollee, you know a little bit of drama.  You also know we've dealt with "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" a little bit.  (this is how I start my story to protect myself)

Throughout the Summer, Mollee complained that her knees hurt.  I asked the doctor about it and because of her age and because it was both knees, he really felt like it was growing pains.  I was good with that diagnosis, and, basically, told her to suck it up.

Now she is playing soccer, first time in her life to play a sport.  She has complained a few times about her right knee and I've really just listened to her complaints and done nothing.  On Tuesday, she had a game, but the coach didn't start her because she said she was hurting.  This didn't sit well with me, but I'm desperately trying to pick my battles and I left the "discussion" up to her dad.  Jason questioned her about it, told her if she wants to be part of team, then be part of the team.

On Friday, yesterday, when Jason picked her up from soccer practice, she was on the sidelines with a bag of ice.  Apparently, she didn't practice.  This really didn't sit well with me.  I don't like drama.  I was nice, but I told her sometimes you've got to just push thru the pain.  Obviously, that has worked so well for me - I have not ligament attachment in my shoulder and can pop it out of place at request, my right ankle is ripped to shreds and I've been banned from running b/c I let it go so long, and I had a massive sinus infection earlier this year for three months because I "pushed thru the pain".

So, this morning, I called the Dr and took her in to see him.  After making her do a lot of different stretches and wiggling around her knee cap and asking a lot of questions, he said she actually has two different problems going on -  Chondromalacia Patella, which is a softening under the kneecap that messes up the smooth gliding of the kneecap, aka Runner's Knee.  And Osgood-Schlatter Disease, which she has a huge bump under her knee cap (guess I could have actually looked at her knee?), it is where your thigh bone attaches just under your knee and can cause painful inflammation. 

Yep, I'm not going to win a Mom-of-the-Week award, but, we know know the problem, or problems.  Both happen often to adolescent girls that start to play sports and don't have strong enough thigh muscles to keep everything in proper place during activity.  To add fuel to the fire, she has extremely flat feet, one problem I can actually credit to her father. 

So, she has to wear a brace for soccer to help hold her knee cap in place.  She has to do physical therapy exercises every other night.  She has to take an anti-inflammatory before games for a few weeks and she has to put arch supports in her cleats. 

And will I believe her next complaint she has?

No comment.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

I'm gonna try to make a Thankful Thursday post to keep myself focused on "good" things going on in life.

1)  This close to 9-11, I am thankful to be an American!!!
2)  Thankful for a husband that is willing to help with the chaos of our carpool schedule.
3)  Thankful for a job that allows me to be the Mom I want to be (not that I am the Mom I want to be all the time)
4)  Thankful to be starting our 7th year at CCS.
5)  Thankful for something I'm not allowed to know about yet. 
6)  Thankful for texting, and how it keeps me in touch with friends during a busy week.
7)  Thankful I can rest in the Lord to provide.
8)  Thankful for cute shoes  (if Ann Voskamp can be thankful for dishwashing bubbles, I can be thankful for shoes)
9)  Thankful for a Jr. High daughter that likes me.
10)  Thankful for Scott, Tab and Jenna.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Granny Allie

My Grandma Allie lived to be 103.  She raised five kids after she lost two husbands to death at a young age.  She made it through the Depression and was able to keep her farm.  I am truly amazed by her strength and look forward to seeing her again someday - healthy and leaping thru Heaven.

I have many fond memories of the farm in Bishopville, SC.  On our Summer trips to Pennsylvania and Myrtle Beach, we always made our way to the farm for Aunt Irene to spoil us with a big Southern meal.  I remember sweet tea, cornbread and my favorite, peach cobbler.  Aunt Irene is my Grandmother's Sister-in-law (Grandma Allie's daughter-in-law).

I also remember the Farm!  The big cotton-picking machines, the trucks, the fields and fields and fields.  As a kid, I was so amazed by these things.

Last week, Aunt Irene passed away.  My parents were able to attend the funeral, and Mom took a bunch of pictures of the old McCutchen Homestead, so I wanted to post them here


Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Soccer Practice with Daddy

Since our yard is anything but flat, we headed down to use Grandma's (yes, I said Grandma's, not Grandpa's).
The spectators!
Tavis decided to jump in (most likely with the goal to aggravate) - nice shot of him in the air!
My stud-of-a-husband teaching his girl!
I used to watch him play soccer every week, but never knew I'd actually get to speak to him one day.  :)
It all turned into a Harris/Brown soccer match. 

We've decided, Capps is a beast!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The white jacket that lead to this post

I went consigning this morning and found this gorgeous, never worn, white jacket for Mollee.  And I was going to blog about it.  I paid $2.50 for it.  Never worn, people!  The extra button was still attached.
The fact that I bought a white jacket for my Moo, might mean I've lost my mind - but, hey, I didn't pay much for it.

And then I decided to blog about the rest of my finds.  I got her this khaki jacket also.
I don't consign a lot these days.  I gave my sister my entire already on a hanger and already tagged stash of kids clothes to sell.  I just don't have time.  And I don't go to the sales that often, because I usually forget about them.  Plus, Mollee is in that "inbetween size" where consignment sales don't have a lot for her, and the boys I can get cheap clothes at Target and Old Navy.

This morning, I picked up my phone and had an e-mail reminding everyone that this consignment sales was 75% off today only.  This week it was adult clothes and home items.  It is 1/2 mile from my house, so I went!

I searched the Small section for Mollee and found these items: an adorable oriental dress, a tie-dye tee, some stripped lounge pants, a brown striped sweater, an olive sweater, a grey striped shirt and a pink/grey striped shirt.
Also got these two jackets for Jason (ok, I might use them too) - one Dockers (light windbreaker) and one Nautica (thick jacket)- $3 each - and they are our school colors!
And I bought Jason some clothes - brown pants, a few polos and some dress shirts.  Of course, the baby blue polo at the front he said was too loud for him (seriously?) and the orange dress shirt may never get worn (Moriah, ask Andy if he may want it, ha).  But, these are all Hilfiger and Gap and I think I paid $1 for each.
And I grabbed a few things for myself - a plaid long skirt, some herringbone pants, a grey sweater, a pink top, a blue jean skirt, some jeans and some khaki pants.
I also got myself a brown jacket and a black purse.

All for $34.  I think I like 75% off consigning that is only 1/2 mile from home. 

Six months until next time.  :)

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