and kids

and kids

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yesterday was snow ball fighting! Today was sledding. We started out at my parents house, with the Harris Family and Aunt Ruth:The sisters!I thought I'd go down with Tavis first.........not one of my proudest moments (that I will never hear the end of from Tavis). When I used to sled in the backyard growing up there was no fence at the end. It was always a challenge to see who could go the farthest.

Well, Tavis and I got stuck under the fence. Actually, Tavis was in front and he got stuck under the fence while Mommy tried hard not to wet her pants laughing so hard. This is the 'Florida Boy' (my new name for Jon) trying to rescue us!We then moved (after the fence incident) two doors down to a house with a great hill and no one is ever home!

If you've noticed, Capps isn't in any of these pictures. He didn't want to get cold. When we were gone so long, he was thinking about changing his mind. The Harris' were cold, and Tavis had had enough, so we took a sled and headed home.

Capps made it one time down (after 20 minutes of bundling preparation) and then he was done. See how happy he is!Tavis went down only one more time and went in very ready to get warm. (We had to double up the kids on the sled because they just didn't weigh enough to get going very fast)Mollee and Daegan kept going for awhile. Note: Aunt Ruth walked down with us, she didn't want to miss out on more sledding opportunities.Mollee and Daegan had a few 'spills'.Daegan retired and Mommy and Mollee became sledding buddies - trying something new on this turn (that actually turned out to be a good run).AND (drum roll please) Aunt Ruth and Mommy even went down together.I am sure that I got my aerobic activity for the day - climbing back up the hill each time was quite a workout!!


Keegan's Birthday

A friend from school was having a birthday party today. I waited to see if it was going to be rescheduled because of the weather and slushy roads, but it was not. So Daegan, and my nephew, Isaiah, ventured out and made it to the party.
It was a magic show, and, of course, Daegan volunteered to be an assistant.

And he enjoyed the Dove (that the man coughed out of his mouth???) afterwards.

SNOW - for real this time!

The kids got out at 12:30 Friday. At 12:15, I was at Toys R Us with Mac and Capps, helping Mac spend birthday money, when my sister called to see if I had heard about the closing. I had not, but quickly headed to school to get the kids.

It was a beautiful snow! The big flakes came down most of the afternoon.

Around 5:30 we finally let the kids go out and we all (well, not all) played for an hour and a half.

I say not all because Mac came out for a total of 30 seconds and decided a snowball fight wasn't for him.Capps didn't even attempt to come out (not a big surprise). He watched from the door.They spend that time playing with Mac's new train tracks.Now, to the snow! It was fun. It isn't often that our feet sick into snow and there isn't a trace of grass.Daegan in a tree! Jason way too excited about a snowball fight.And the boys thinking it was funny to hit mommy - even when she is having her picture taken.
And the snowman
Mollee strikes a pose and could stay out in the cold longer than any of us.

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Visit from J and J

My grandparents live about 14 hours up the road, but they have been here visiting for a month. I know they have enjoyed the constant revolving door at Mom and Dad's house, which is a major difference from their un-busy life up North.

They came to hang out for the afternoon and I only *kicking myself* took two pictures.
Mollee (not sure about the face she is making, guess she is saying something?) doing a puzzle and Capps doing a puzzle (his favorite pastime) with Grandma J:
Tavis reading a book (his favorite pastime) to Grandpa J:

Hopefully, they can come back for another small visit before they leave next week.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

100th day

Today was the 100th day of school, which is always a big deal (especially in kindergarten)!!

Here are the kids in Daegan's class with their 100 glasses on: All day was spent counting out 100 different items (the hats they are wearing were made by each student, with 100 of whatever they wanted):
Now what do they have to look forward to?
Spring Break
Hat Day

Field Day

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update on 3 year old check-up

So, I'm one of those geeks! I have a baby calendar for each one of my children - one of those where you have stickers for accomplishments (first smile, sitting up, first food, first step, etc.). It was an easy way for a busy mom to keep track of things that I was able to transfer to a baby scrapbook (which I am proud to say I got everyone's book updated over the past week - I do a detailed first year and then a couple pages for the second year and then one or two pages for each year past that, up to age 10).

On the last page of each calendar, I write down the kids weight, height and percentages for each check-up. I must admit there are some holes to some of the lists of numbers, but everyone had a 3 year old list, so I'm going to do what any good mom shouldn't do - a comparison!

These are 3 year old numbers:

Mollee - 29 lb (30%), 36 inches (12%) --she was tiny at a year only weighing 16 lb. 3 oz., and she walked at 7 months - it seemed normal to me then, but now I realize how bizarre that was
Tavis - 28 3/4 lb (20%), 36 inches (15%) --I feel like there is something wrong with this measurement, T was much bigger than Daeg and all other measurements put him in 50% for weight??
Daegan - 29 lb. (25%), 36 inches (10%) -- apparently, this isn't exact science, T and D have the same height at the same age and got different percentages???
Capps - 32 lbs. (50%), 37 1/2 inches (48%) -- this is no surprise, he was always the biggest (at birth he was 1 1/2 lbs heavier than all the others), always around 50% for both measurements
and (just for the chart, I know it is on the previous entry)
Mac - 27 lb (10%), 35 3/4 inches (15%)

3 year old check-up

Mac had his check-up today with no big surprises. He didn't even have to have his finger pricked, they don't do that each year anymore. That was fortunate for him, but also for me - usually that is worse than a shot??

I guess there actually was a bit of a surprise, his percentages are going up. He was 27 lbs, which was in the 10% (at 2 yr he was 23 lb, 3% - 1% at 1 yr). He was also 35 3/4 inches, which was in the 15% (at 2 yr he was 32 3/4 inches, 10%). So he has moved up in size, but when plugged into the formula (whatever that is?) his estimated adult height is only 5'7". I wasn't given the adult height guess for any of the others, so I don't know how that compares, but I'm going to guess that puts him as the shortest boy in the family.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Daegan's kindergarten chapel

All three kindergarten classes hosted chapel today.
The kids sang three songs. The first song was about not stealing. Each kid had to hold up an item that the song was talking about (eg. favorite toy, bookbag, etc.). Ironically, Daegan got to hold up the money.Check out that style - striped shirt, plaid pants, hoodie jacket and bright bowling shoes! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Illustrator

Tavis has decided that he wants to be an illustrator when he grows up. He has a notebook that he is always frantically working in, so I thought I'd scan a few pictures.
Guess I better get that boy a sketchbook!

Friday, January 22, 2010


When my computer crashed I inherited my little sister, Ruth's, computer. She is heading to Africa and needed a laptop, so we got her desktop.

On her computer, she has/had Adobe Photoshop. I've learned to use the basic tools, but Monday, she gave me a few quick tips that made me curious. Do you know how cool you can make a picture look with a few tools (not to diminish the talent of a good photographer)?

Here is an example:
I've taken one of Ruth's pictures from a previous trip to Africa.
You can add glare to it from "the sun".Or just change the tint of the picture and add clouds.And there is all sort of artistic fun to be had.


Stain Glass Look:

Embossed:Another fun photo temptation for me to waste my time on!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Germ Update

(knocking on wood)

I think we are on the mend. I ended up taking Daegan to the Dr. yesterday morning and he had an ear infection also. That is so bizarre to me, but we have Amoxicillin for the sick ones and this morning everyone seems happy and fairly healthy.
Jason says he would kill me if I were taking pictures while he was sick (note to self).
This was Mac after his birthday party Sunday. He was saying a pained "cheeeeese", but I told him he needed to look pitiful, not smiling. His fever in this picture was 102.5, but he was getting to sleep in Mommy's bed, so all was good! Mac has gotten away from naps, mostly. About once a week he needs one, but on a whole he does fine without one and then he goes to bed at 6:45 or 7:00. Usually, it is Wednesday that I make him take one so that we can be at church.

Yesterday, he was playing nicely and I couldn't decide if I should make him nap or just put him to bed very early.

Apparently, he just fell asleep while playing and slept for an hour or so on his floor.

More sleeping photos, Becky! :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Healthy Fall, Sick Winter?

I blame Jason for this - the sickness in our house. He just said that we have been fortunate with a healthy winter and BAM! Ruined Record!

I mentioned that Mac threw up at church and then he was sick for his birthday. His fever was hovering around 102 all day Sunday and yesterday, so this morning when it was 103 I decided to take him to get checked. He has an ear infection. This is so random to me. I was worried about croup/strider and he has an ear infection. The reason he is coughing is because he has so much drainage that it is irritating his throat. Dr. said to give him decongestant, rather than cough syrup (which wasn't working anyway) and that should help. Hmmmm, Interesting!

Daegan woke up this morning not feeling great, so I let him stay home. He has been complaining about a headache since Friday?? He had a low grade fever 99, which (in school terms) isn't really a fever. The Dr. listened to Daeg's lungs while we were there because he was coughing too, but everything sounded good. (Unfortunately, I didn't have him look at Daegan's throat, I think the boy can think about strep throat and catch it). Now, he has a fever of 103.5, which is a little scary for a 6 year old. He also threw up tonight, right after I gave him some decongestant, but that is par for the course. Every time this boy gets fever, he throws up. I couldn't convince him maybe he should take some more medicine.

I guess we really had a fairly healthy fall, not sure about the winter yet?

Math Centers

Daegan's teacher sent out pictures of their Math Centers at school:
This is the math they do in kindergarten, I think it is called Mountain Math? It is based on manipulatives. In kindergarten they have hands (or in this case mittens) and show if you have 2 in one hand and 3 in the other hand, you get 5. Therefore, 2+3=5. It is so they can see it and understand it and not just have to memorize facts.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mac's 3rd Birthday

A birthday weekend:

Friday night at Pops and Mimi'swith Aunt HeatherSaturday, at home, pizza lunch and doughnut cake
Sunday morning, annual birthday photo of Mommy with birthday child (which was a good thing we took it early, since he was sick by Sunday School)
By the time we got to Grandma and Grandpa's Mac had fever (notice the rosy cheeks)

Now he is in my bed with a fever of 102???

Happy Birthday, Mac!

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