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and kids

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter snuck up on me....or I procrastinated?  I'll let you decide
Thankfully, I got outfits (Jason says the boys are too old to say outfits anymore) at random consignment sales and they all worked perfectly for Easter.  I bought myself a few new dresses, but ended up just going with a nice shirt and a yellow necklace - and taking the dresses back.  I also got Jason a new tie - the kids were with me when I bought it and I tried to get pink, but went with the green and navy.
We didn't make it the Maundy Thursday Service, we didn't make it to the Easter Egg Hunt.  And we didn't even color eggs.  *sigh*  The kids did get Easter baskets and they were full of candy, but I didn't make the effort to get little toys like I normally do.  Life is just too busy.
But it was a glorious day!  He is Risen!!  He is Risen Indeed!  One of my favorite CPC traditions is the Hallelujah Chorus.

Here are some pics from the day:

 The Brown Clan (one week away from Libby's arrival)
After church everyone was anxious to get out of their nice clothes (apparently, I had already shed my 4-inch yellow heals), so I asked Dad to take our picture.  And this is what we got:
He is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Dry Park

The Arcade:
An intense game of Pac-Man
 A crazy ride I have a cute video of: 
 Mac not even playing, but having fun with this motorcycle. 
 Daegan played one game a few times and then hit the 500 ticket jackpot!  It actually took a proper hit to win and not just luck.  It couldn't have happened to the more perfect member of our family!
 Ice hockey
 Mollee a laser jump rope queen!
 This Frogger ride just goes up and drops and goes up a little more and drops a little, etc.  It was fun for all the kids, but I'm pretty sure Mac rode it 50 times.

 (love this giggle picture)
 The rock wall - everyone tried, only Mollee made it to the top!
 And the ropes course.  Mac and Mommy stayed on the ground, but Mollee and Tavis loved being up above the park.
 Daegan tried it, but decided to stay on the ground too. 
 Jase (white shirt) liked to follow Mollee (pink) and shake the ropes as she went across them - she wasn't phased at all.
 Capps tried on the last trip up and Jason promised to stay close behind.
 I like this picture b/c Jason is on the bottom with Capps and Mollee is two levels up (yellow).
 We also played glow-in-the-dark mini golf.
 Mollee and Mac's shoes glowing! 
 Jason and all the boys played a 20 minute round of Laser Tag - I couldn't go with them to take pictures, so I took a picture of the sign. 
 And Mini-Bowling! (check out Mac - green shirt - with the hand sign)
 Daegan bought Mac these blue aliens with some of his tickets and Mac was so proud!  Daegan got a really cool laser pointer for himself!
Exhausted just posting the pictures!!  Thanks for viewing!

The Waterpark (Indoor)

We went to the water park four different times, but I only took my camera once.  I didn't want to get it wet and I didn't want to keep up with it. 

This is what the waterpark looks like from outisde:
And this is what the stairs look like to get up the slides.  Originally, it looked like the lines were forever long, but they really weren't that bad.  If you are out-of-shape, your thighs get quite a work out to get to the top of the slides (yes, I did them many times).
I only have one set of pictures at the bottom of the slides - thankfully, I was behind the camera.  On the shorter slides, you carry your own float to the top (see people on stairs to right).  If you are going on the bigger slide, they require a float for four people and they have a machine that takes them up (see left).  This is Daddy and the three oldest coming down this one!
See how my daughter gets out of the float - so graceful!
This was the Boogie Board Wave Machine.  You get 45 seconds to wow the audience.  Daegan went first:
He did awesome, but ended with wiping out and nailing his head on the bottom.
Capps did great!
And Tavis looked like he was out for a stroll.  Probably too cool to seem like he was having too much fun!
This was the kids clubhouse with some shorter slides for the younger ones.
We spent a lot of time in the wave pool.  Ten minutes of calm seas and then an alarm goes off and ten minutes of waves!  The first time we got in the pool, I just happened to think of telling them about the alarm and the waves.  Glad I did. 
Mac loved it!!!
Daegan (yellow vest) getting a face-full of wave!
Mollee and Tavis were all over the place, but I snapped this one while they were waiting for the waves to turn back on.
Of course, we kept ending up back at the hot tub, or shall I say hot pool.  Half was inside and half was outside - which was cool since it was snowing the whole time.  (Mac always giving a sign in pictures).
Mollee and Daegan posing with Molly the Moose.
And, by the end of the day - kids were getting weary and looking like this:
So many fun stories to tell.  I wonderfully fun few days! 

Dry Park/Arcade pictures to come....

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