and kids

and kids

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cars 2

Mrs. Barrow treated the kids to see Cars 2 today. They were so excited because it has only been in the theater for four days and we never see movies that soon! And she got them popcorn (WITH BUTTER) and they each got a drink, didn't have to share a big one! ;)

A very big treat! Thanks, Mrs. Barrow (Daegan's 1st grade teacher)!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Playground #2

It is hard to see the whole layout of the property in this picture, but the house to the left, playground thru the trees, bocce court in center, gazebo to the right and the barn in the back right. It is so pretty. Plus the creek, which is behind me - you'll see more of that! We had a picnic lunch and played.
The Playground really is for smaller kids, but we were the only ones there so...
Nobody was there because it was too hot to be out!
Capps and Mac were wise in the shade

Apparently, Tavis likes to try catching squirrels. I witnessed him get very close numerous times today.At the gazebo (M, I really needed your help - terrible lighting problems)Then we walked over to the creekWhen Mollee 'accidently' fell in, it was all over for any hope to return home with dry children
It wasn't what I planned, but they had so much fun!It took Mac awhile to get brave, but he went all in!

They went "down river"And came back like this saying "No man left behind, soldier!!"(Since we weren't prepared to play in the creek, no one had their crocs - Mac and Capps refused to take their socks off)

A guy from the newspaper showed up to take pictures of "summer fun". Not sure he will use any pictures, but the kids are sure they will be famous!

A soggy ride home and tick-check!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Uncle Hank

Yesterday I was cruising the clearance racks at Old Navy, when I found our newest "Uncle Hank Shirt". A close-up so you can get the full effect of the pattern.I love it!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun Mom Friday - Ceramic Painting

My kids love crafts. As do I.

In past years, crafts with kids caused me not to love crafts so much. If you know what I mean?

Painting ceramic objects (airplanes, birds, seashells, etc.) is one craft that I can set up and just let their creative juices flow - and they love the freedom!Some more creative and detailed than othersAnd some just love to get messyUsually, in the end you can tell who painted what - the bright and colorful (Mollee), the half done (Tavis), the proper color scheme (Daegan), the detailed (Capps) and the colors piled on top of one another (Mac).
This is an activity we will do a few different times. It is inexpensive (especially if you stock up in the VBS clearance aisle), plus it entertains them for a good hour and a half if you just let them do it without too many rules.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Many Different Hats

Last week I interviewed for a job. This week I had a second interview and tomorrow I start training. I am always looking for something I can do to make money and still be at home. This opportunity was presented to me and I decided to inquire just to see if it was in the Lord's plan.

I will be working for a real estate group. The plan is that most of the work will be done from home, after training. Before kids, (actually I started at the office before marriage) I was an Office Manager for real estate office. I'm hoping I can pull from that knowledge to make training a little easier. My job will consist of two things. One is going to be data entry for listings - along with going to the home and taking pictures. And second will be organizing closings once a contract is on the house. Scheduling appraisers, inspections, title company, etc.

Jason has joked that if I wear too many more hats, he can quit his job. Not a chance, Babe! I am still selling Mary Kay, I am still doing Greta's Beads, I am still babysitting for David (who will have a sibling in November), in January I started keeping the books for Integrity Building and I am now going to be an Real Estate Administrative Assistant again. Crazy! But if that is what it takes for our kids to stay in the Christian school and me still be available for sick kids, field trips and class parties, so be it!

Let the juggling act begin!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Robots come in all shapes and sizes

This is the "robot" Mac has been carrying around for many days now. Not sure what makes it a robot and not sure how he has kept up with it? (he evens sleeps with it)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Babe!

When you marry someone you hope you know what kind of father they will be to your children. Babe, you've gone above and beyond the call of duty. *warning - huge photo dump*

Father's Day (let us try not to remember we are usually at the beach right now) 2008My favorite photo of you with each kid goes like this:

with Mollee - playing with Whistle Britches on the deck with Tavis - watching TV when we lived with Grandma and Grandpawith Daeg - tickle torturewith Capps - making Capps laugh because you were wearing his sunglasses with Mac - my dressed up handsome men And a few other favorites of you just being a good Daddy (sitting on the floor with the kids when you got home from work was a common happening)! Taking the kids fishing - well, we know how that worked out!Of course, there has to be an Xbox picture!And Father's Day 2009!
I love you!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Babysitting Twins

Got to babysit these cuties until the wee hours of the night. :) Of course, the kids loved it!They took a nap all snuggled on my bed before dinnerSince Tavis and Daegan got to feed them last time, Mollee and Capps got to this time!
Capps was so proud!This is what it looked like when all my extra hands went to bed - exhausting!
I must admit, it was nice having a little baby (actually two) in the house.
It was also nice to hand them over to their parents and sleep when they left.

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