and kids

and kids

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Talking about Sports

Tonight at the dinner table we were discussing sports.  Mollee isn't sure she wants to play soccer again (I'm biting my tongue hoping she will change her mind - it was a rough first season and I know she could be a really, really good player).  She is thinking she might want to give cheerleading a try.  I explained to her that isn't just a fun gathering of cheering for your team.  It is competitions, lots of practice, etc.  Not to mention - really, really expensive.  So, we'll see?

Tavis will be in Jr. High next year and is thinking he might want to play football.  I'm ok with this, if he really wants to do it.  We may have to invest in some summer camps to make sure it is what he wants to do.  Also, really, really expensive.

Daegan, as innocently and seriously as our discussion was going, said, "And can I sign up for a knitting class?"

Soooooo typical!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snuggles with Peter

Kept this cutie today for a few hours.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Quilted Sign

I saw something similar to this at Hobby Lobby.  It was on clearance for $40.  I decided to make one out of scrpbook papers, which I already had.  Bought a foam board for $1.50 and the letters for $4.99. 
I like mine, it is going to hang in my stairwell.  It was fun to be crafty for a few days. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Joys of Working From Home

You get these little notes on your dry erase board.

Monday, January 21, 2013

1,000th post - Pioneer Park

(Since I started blogging, this is my 1,000th post - not sure if that is embarrassing or an accomplishment?)

The kids were off today and I was needing them to burn some energy.  We ran errands this morning, went home and ate lunch and then headed out to a nearby playground.

 Mac and Mollee swinging!

This one made Mac sick and he was not happy about that!
Yep, I was the mom on the bench working on her iPhone.  
 And sad that I had to wear the Georgia hat b/c my ears were cold.
 Mollee and Tavis - sometimes they can't stand each other, sometimes they are goofy friends.
 Group Shot!

 So nice to see such a blue sky - even if it was cold (even if Tavis insisted that it was not).

I like where we are now

When the kids were younger, I was always told (as I am sure all new moms are) to enjoy the kids while they were little, because it wouldn't last long.  I tried to do that.  I feel that I gave a wholehearted effort to enjoy what stage of life we were in.  I had five kids in six years.  So it seemed the stages shifted quickly.

Of course, with work, life, motherhood, or anything, there are stages that you just don't like and you wished were over.  For me, mostly, it was the sleepless nights.  I need sleep and to have a baby, at least, to have my babies, meant nursing every couple of hours for many months.  But, somehow, we survived.

Overall, I loved my little rugrats and I loved to be with them.  I loved running errands with five little ones and field a huge amount of questions from strangers and I even enjoyed all the strange stares.   I love "family fun" and I love making memories, and of course, capturing it all on camera.  And then, blogging about it.  :)

Now, we have suddenly moved into another stage.  Everyone is in school, everyone is fairly self-sufficient.  No diaper bags, no sippy cups, no night-time pullups, no bedtime woes.  We have five kiddos learning to do laundry, cleaning bathrooms, putting new sheets on their beds, cleaning up after dinner and basic picking up after themselves.  Also, keeping up with homework and even Sunday School assignments.  It all adds a new dynamic to the house.

I like where we are now.  I like any excuse to snuggle with Tavis or Mac.  I like shopping with Mollee and Daegan.  I like doing puzzles or coloring with Capps.  I like introducing them to new foods - they know there is no use in fighting it, just taste it and get it done.  I like hanging out at school and helping in their various classrooms.  I like getting to know them on a much personal level.  I like sharing with them how the Lord provides for our family.  I like encouraging them in their prayer life - which has been beyond important to me.  I like dinners where we talk about heaven on one night, but I also love when they get giggly about gas on another.

I like being a mom to my 12, 11, 9, 8 and now 6 year old.  Actually, I love it!

I'm not saying I don't get frustrated.  I'm not saying I'm not exhausted mentally.  But, on a whole, I'm soaking up this time.  NOW!  Because it wasn't long ago that my daughter was born and then I blinked and she was 12.  And now, if I blink again, Mac will be a senior in high school.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Mac's other birthdays

Sunday with the Caines - this is how Mommy bakes a cake!
Me and my boy!  I promise he is mine, even if the coloring looks off (Aunt Ruth, you can relate, right?) - I remember he was this pale when he was born too.
 Cousins and David Smith family singing.
 Jason was proud of this picture because I am in focus looking at my Mac and he is smirking so cutely in the "background".
 Tonight we had birthday with the Brown's.  Really cute cookie cake!
 Mac and Pops!
 Daegan and Mac looking intently at new Lego gift.
 Apparently, Daddy is impressed with this one!
 Everyone enjoying the gifts afterwards.
 And thus the birthday celebration is done.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mommy's Letter to Mac

For past blog birthdays, I've done different things.  I've done picture "remembering" posts.  I've done some of my favorite photos.  I've done "birth story" posts.  Just different things for the kids to have down the road.  This year, I'm going to do a "letter from Mommy" to the birthday kid.

To my Mac-aroni, who eats bologna,

Somehow, you've turned six, son.  Daddy is tired of hearing how sad that is to me, but it truely is a little emotional.  There are two-and-a-half years between you and Capps, so I wasn't extremely exhausted and I actually enjoyed you as an infant, and I remember you. When I birthed you, I had no idea you were going to be "the baby".  I assumed there were at least two more coming behind you (two girls - Josie and Cleo, or two boys - Finnbar and Clyde), but my body had other plans.  More importantly, the Lord had other plans.

You have been the most amazing "baby" of the family.  It is a joy to watch how you love to play with your siblings, but when you are home alone, you are fine to entertain yourself.  You love to have your back rubbed, which Daddy and I do, but, honestly, it can't be much different to pet an alligator.

We never used the nursery when you were a baby, and then you hated Sunday School for so many years.  This is stressful for so many parents, but I loved it.  You sat quietly in your seat in the adult class, until Daddy decided it was time.  It took you many weeks to adjust , but you survived and you loved it.  Everyone thinks you are quiet and shy, but the truth is you are very goofy and can talk up a storm if allowed. 

You have a strange fascination with tiny toys (single Lego pieces or Bionicle pieces) but you have the best imagination and do well with whatever.  I love to watch you giggle when you get a hold of my phone and play Angry Birds.  One of my other biggest joys is to watch you dance.  You love it, you are free spirited, you've got moves - but you are learning not to do anything much when I have my camera rolling.

I enjoy your stories at dinner about your day and it makes me laugh when your day is ruined by one recess incident.  You are a little dramatic, son.  It is always hilarious when you get upset about something - like when Mollee gave you half of a banana the other day, on my request, and you didn't want it, we all laugh, but you clearly don't think it is funny, which makes it funnier.

I love you, Buddy!  I love your kisses and hugs and kisses and hugs at night.  I love your cheesy "camera smile".  I love your sparkly grey eyes.  I love your silly, infectious giggle.  I love to watch you dance.  You are so loveable, I think you were very appropriate named Haynes. 

Buddy, I love you so much!!!!  Happy Birthday!

Ahhhh, my baby is 6!!!

I went to eat lunch with Mac today for his birthday.  He was so excited about his birthday hat!  Isn't he adorable?!!
He wanted Taco Bell and white doughnuts - so easy!
Daegan wanted to light the candles.

And then the party begins!

Cousins - three weeks apart!

Mollee and Jonah are only a few weeks apart.  We only live eight houses apart.  It is wonderful that they get along so well.  They were climbing trees the other day and I thought I'd put my camera to the test.  This is what I got, 
but this is what the pictures actually looked like.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bathroom Sign

I bought this sign for the boy's bathroom.
After a few hours, Capps, very innocently, came to me and asked if he was going to have to pay with his allowance.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Tavis' socks

I have a constant battle with Tavis and his socks.  I bought him two 10-packs and yet he never has socks. 
Each boy has a different "kind" of socks.  Tavis has white with grey.  Daegan has colorful, character socks.  And Capps has white socks with colorful heels and toes.  And Mac, well his are so small I'd never get them confused with the others.
Back to Tavis.  I don't do laundry everyday, but I do it often enough.  But I don't think he really gets the socks in the laundry, so I feel like I'm not to blame.
Here is one, dirty might I add, and it is in the Bionicle box - which sits on the shelf on the desk,

which means he had to have thrown it to get it here.   *Arghhh*

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The gift that keeps on giving

With the new year starting, I am working on taxes, which leads me to re-look at our budget.  In my next life, I'd like to be an RN, but then in my next life I'd like to be an accountant.  I love numbers!  Funny thing is, our numbers never add up.  I can tell you exactly (to the penny) how much money we have in checking at any given moment.  Jason would say I was crazy, I would say I am organized. 

I want to make it clear, when I say our numbers never add up, it is not due to poor bookkeeping.  It is because when I look at our expenses and compare them to our income, it never works out.  And yet, it always works out.  And I am always amazed by how it does.  The Lord never ceases to amaze me.

In the re-vamping of our budget, I realized (actually, I already knew this), I need to get back to coupons.  Our grocery budget is out-of-control without me shopping sales and using coupons.   Plus, I've been lazy and buying way more fast food then I'd like to admit. 

So, I need to use coupons, buy less fast food and get creative with what I have.

For Christmas, a friend brought us a huge ham.  We baked it Christmas day and it was awesome!  Then throughout the next week we had lots of yummy sandwiches.  And then you have to get creative to keep using the ham, without thinking you are eating ham all the time. 

One day we fried the ham and ate it with eggs.  And I was able to bag up some more ham and put it in the freezer for another ham and eggs day.  Another day I put the ham bone in the crock pot, added some dried beans and water, some celery and carrots, parsley and bay leafs and cooked it in all together ALL day.  We had delicious, yummy soup - and then Jason had some soup for lunches.  This morning I diced up a bunch of ham and made two bags for the freezer for future days and then made a breakfast casserole for dinner, topping it with ham. 

I am proud of these accomplishments.  Proud of how far I could take one ham.  I've had many days of homecooked meals around the table.  And that makes me happy. 

51 more weeks to go!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stitches Removal

We were told to wait 10 days and have Mollee's stitches removed from her finger.  It has been 12 days.  I was going to remove them, but Mollee didn't feel like that was a good idea.  All the other stitches we've had have dissolved, so I haven't had to mess with them.  I feared she would wiggle and fight me, plus I wanted the doctor to look at the fact that she couldn't straighten her finger.  So, I took her to the doctor today.

And, guess what.  The doctor (who I love!) decided I needed to have the experience and he handed me the tools and told me what to do and told me to do it.  Heeheehee - I got to take them out anyway!!!  And I loved it!

And, after they were out, she could straighten her finger. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cookie Day with the Kemps!

We usually try to do a cookie day with Rachel a day or two after school gets out for Christmas.  This year, between their busy schedule and our sickness, we got delayed to after Christmas.  And this year, Chloe got to join us.  It is a great tradition and I'm glad we made it work this year, even if delayed!
 First we did a batch of Star Wars cookies
Then moved on to regular cookies.  Since we are past Christmas, we did some Christmas, but added in hearts, dog bones, whales, snowflakes, etc.

Chloe capturing it all on her phone!
 Mollee took over rolling out the dough for the last few batches - so proud!
For the record - Skip (some of you know her as Rachel) wore jeans today!!
 The Daddies came home and the Mommies went and picked up dinner - fried chicken and potato wedges.

The Kemps bought us a few Star Wars books for Christmas - so the boys were checking them out.
Mollee and Chloe were watching Dance 4 and listening to the music, not a lot of burning energy going on here.  
 Me and the hubs!
Then we started the decorating!!!
 Don't let Jason fool you, he was just drinking coffee.
 See this determined face on Dusty's face?  He was working hard on his masterpieces.
Thumbs up for the finished product.  
And a group shot!
The after mess and
the clean up by Jason and Dusty!
Then a game to finish up the night!

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