and kids

and kids

Monday, September 28, 2015


Finally - we made it to Bishopville.  I have many fond memories of going to "the farm" as a kid, but the kids have never been - and Jason had never been either.

This weekend was the annual family reunion, which also landed on a weekend that the kids had a day off of school, so we just went for it!

We were able to stay at Aunt Leila's house, which is vacant, but furnished.  We squished in with Papa and Grandma and made the most of the weekend.
 Breakfast - (loved the dated house)
 Late night dinner at Waffle House
Visit to the Fryar Farm
I love how Papa and Tavis are standing the same way.
Group shot "in the bushes"
 Hepzibah - family church, family graveyard
 Just a funny sign...
 Another funny sign - in downtown Bishopville.
 And, visiting THE farm - thanks Buddy and Norma Jean for the tour! The farm my Great-Grandmother had, ran, and managed to keep during the Great Depression. The farm that my Granny Caines was born on. The farm where I enjoyed many meals and lots of peach cobbler.
 The house!
The Pig Parlor
 Fishing with Buddy
 The turkey farm (for Oscar Meyer)
 -8 houses, 6,500 turkeys in each one
The actual reunion - on Sunday!
 Everyone hanging out at the boiled peanuts!
 Ann Elliot and Aunt Lib
 Granny's birthday
 Papa and Buddy
 Family Intros
Granny's birthday
 Papa and Frankie

It was a great time for my kids to get to know cousins they've never met.

One last pic:

Haynes at the grave of Haynes

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