and kids

and kids

Monday, December 31, 2012

The Fedora

This is what Tavis spent his Christmas money on.  If you saw the fingerless gloves he is also wearing, you'd understand why I changed his name to Rocky Balboa.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Making Crayons

Something possessed me to by a crayon maker for the kids as a group gift for Christmas.  It is actually pretty cool and easy to use.  We made a few sets tonight, here are the samples - green and blue, yellow and blue, orange and yellow and red, pink and white. 
They actually color the multi-colored stripes and have been fun to use!

In all honesty - I know what possessed me, a coupon.  Needed to spend just a little bit more on Black Friday, to be able to use my big coupon.  Just being honest.

Friday, December 28, 2012

100 Monkeys and a Banana

That is the title of the puzzle Capps got for Christmas.  He loves puzzles and does 100-200 piece puzzles ALL THE TIME.  For Christmas, I found one that was all monkeys (very appropriate) and it was 750 pieces.  
Tonight we finally broke it out and started putting the border together.
 Daddy loves puzzles almost as much as Capps.
 And I enjoyed playing with my camera.
Right up until Mac threw up all over the den - somehow he hit the recliner, the couch, the computer chair and a huge portion of the carpet.  And then he threw up again, just sitting there, no need to try to make it to the bathroom.  (My father would say this is payback for all the times I didn't make it to the bathroom)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I miss my McClure's

Our annual "pile on the couch" picture!
 I miss Shannon so much, but cherish the times we actually get to see each other.

 Jenny Gretchen and Gretchen

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mimi's Bathroom

Jason has been working at his parents the past few weeks.  He was expanding the Master Bath and putting in a tiled shower, a new vanity and a closet.  The bathroom isn't complete yet, but on Christmas Eve I finally got to see the work he has been doing.  Here is the shower:
I think he does amazing work.  I have to admit - I'm a little jealous that the labor would be free, but to work on our house would require extra time and money for supplies. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Aftermath

It has been three wondeful days.  Full of celebration, presents, too much food and chaos.  Now the house is a mess and the kids are distracted by all the new things.
Lego building!
 New Xbox games - Skylander
Capps drinking strawberry milk from new cup, with new hat on, new PJs and a new robe, watching brothers play new game.

 Lots of new movies!
 And Just Dance 4 competition on the Kinect.  So FUN!!!

 Daegan played one round, but didn't move much.
 Tavis was into it - and so was Daddy!
I played also and was glad there was no one holding the camera then - except the actual game that plays back a highlight video of your turn.  I must say - my legs were burning afterwards.

More movie watching - this time upstairs while Daddy played some Xbox.
 Mac tackling the Tackle Buddy that Tavis got.
 Spiral Draw - I loved this as a kid and I'm so glad Capps likes it too!
Now we blog and soon we rest.

Christmas Morning Fun!!!

(major photo dump, no complaints, it is for the Grandmas)
We had a wonderful day!  We told the kids if they got up, just to play with their Christmas Eve gifts and we'd get up when we got up.  Don't know if that is cruel or not?  We got up around 9:00, but the kids didn't go to bed until after 10:00 and Jason and I didn't got to bed until about 2:00.
Of course, not thing can start until Daddy has his coffee.

And the gifts begin.  We take a long time to open gifts.  One at a time, open the boxes, trash sweep, start over.  It works, and it last for about an hour or more, so it is great!  The kids got a lot of the "same"- hats, t-shirts, Tervis tumblers, PEZ dispensers, and then toys.

 Daegan got a watch - finally!
 Tavis is annoyingly laughing because he announced what this was before he opened it. 
 Mollee opening with one hand.  :)
Still learning the camera (and would openly take any advice for no flash photography in a living room of poor light and moving people?), but I love this face on Mac!
 Capps likes to meticulously open his gifts.

 Aunt Heather (Harris) took Mollee shopping and got me this beautiful scarf.  Love it!
 This is a selfish gift - got Mollee a hairdryer so I can find mine when I want to use it.
 Looks like Jason is excited about some new books in this Amazon box.
 Joint gift - crayon maker (all old crayons in the machine to make new crayons?)
 Mac finally got some Alabama garb!!


 I got a tin punch from Tavis!

 Only Legos of the Christmas?!  Weird?!
 Birthstone Earrings.
Jason and the kids have been trying to figure out for weeks what was in this big box.  I think the kids were a little disappointed it was a pillow, but J is always trying to situate his pillows to watch TV in bed, I thought this might help.
 Opening an ornament from Mac
 And my manger scene - just need one more to make a set of five complete.
Since I got my camera, I didn't expect anything from Jase, but he got me some earrings and they came in my favorite blue box.  
Just realized I filmed absolutely nothing today - Oh, Well? 

It really has been a wonderful day!  A rainy day, which is perfect for staying home and staying in your cozy PJs. 

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