and kids

and kids

Saturday, January 28, 2012

sick, blah, blah, antibiotics, blah, blah

this is just for the record books

I've been sick. It has been a long five or so long weeks around here (yes, I said 'long' twice). I've slept a lot. Remember some. Whined a lot. Done little housework.

Fortunately, it has rained a lot, which means Jason can't work - and has been home to help out. Unfortunately, it has rained a lot, which means Jason can't work.

The first two or so weeks I just knew I'd be better soon, but continued to feel crummy. Then I started a z-pack for a sinus infection. By the end of those five days, I wasn't doing better and my jaw/ears throbbed. I started a 10-day round of Augmentin to work harder to clear up the sinus infection. I felt awful so I saw my allergist to make sure this was my only option. By day 8 and 9, I spent two days in bed, in more pain than I'd like to remember. I have a really high pain tolerance, but this was more than I could bear. And I was living on Percocet and Lortab with not much relief.

I couldn't get in to see my ENT for three weeks. I called my Dad and he called in a for me (it helps that he and my ENT are old college buddies) and I got in the next day, which was a major blessing. After I described my past four weeks, he scoped my nose (an unpleasant-never-want-to-do-that-again experience) and he did x-rays. He was horrified by what he saw and said it was a "medical emergency" sinus infection. Apparently, even after two round of antibiotics, my maxillary sinus cavity was full of puss, causing all the pain in my face. It is never reassuring to have a friend/laid-back doctor act that concerned.

So, I got three days of rocephrin antibiotic shots, which are worth 24 hours of IV antibiotics. Then started a 20-day round of Omnicef. He told me to do nose spray (which he gave me), keep doing my allergy meds and, because of my pain he told me to take 3x the Lortab dose I had been taking.

So, I was sleeping even more, but getting some relief. I am on day 8 of Omnicef, which means I've been taking antibiotics for 23 days, with 12 to go, and maybe more. I hate taking antibiotics and I hate taking pain meds, but I know how much pain I was in and I'm trying to be a good patient. In another week I go back for more x-rays and that will determine if I have to take a second 20-day round of Omnicef.


And that is the reason for the lack of blogging.....

Friday, January 27, 2012

Baby Mia

For two years I've babysat my little buddy, David, two days a week. Back in November he got a sister, Mia. Now, David is in preschool and I'm keeping Mia two days a week. Sweet, very happy child.Mac even enjoyed getting in on getting her to laugh.

Because of reflux she sleeps in her carseat, which is what we like, because for the first two days I had her this week - She WOULD NOT take a bottle. She'll learn, right?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snowflakes in the kitchen

Remember when we made snowflakes with Aunt Sharon, I put them to good use.
Especially since we don't seem to be getting any snow this year.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Forced Rail Construction

Mortgage rates are low, so we decided to refinance the house. (Please don't get Jason started on this frustrating process), but in order to get an approved appraisal, we needed a rail on our front porch. This is something I desired when we moved in 8 years ago and I feared children falling off the edge. But, we never did it and the kids survived. Now we are being forced to do it.

Of course, this is one of Jason's expertise, it is just a matter of paying for the lumber and having the time to do it.It was fun to see Tavis get into helping and learning a few things.
In the end, the rail looks great and adds a little more character to our home.
The handrail was a little more of a pain, but manageable for my "semi-professional" husband (family joke).Fortunately/Unfortunately, the bank approved it without it being painted.
Hoping we can get it painted within the next five years or so. JK, honey!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mac's "other" birthdays

Birthday with the Brown's

Daegan reading Mac his card

A gun for Mac!

Birthday at the Caines - Mommy and her boy!

Brownies!Apparently, it was a Lightening McQueen themed birthday - cars, squinkies, and play doh.

He's 5 now!!!!

My Baby is 5!!


Jason doesn't think this fact is sad, but it makes me very sad. No more babies around here. I know there had to be a "last child" sometime, but the reality that my baby is probably going to kindergarten next year makes me very teary.

Today is Mac's 5th birthday. We celebrated as a family last night to avoid the chaos of Sunday. Mac loves to look at the balloons at Publix, so I thought it would be fun to get him some for his birthday. Of course, they were a big hit! Angry Birds and Super Heroes. Jason and Mollee went to pick up pizza for dinner - here are the big boys waiting patiently for dinner with the birthday boy!

Mac doesn't eat a lot of dessert, but he requested chocolate covered doughnuts and doughnut balls (aka. holes) - I'm not sure he ate any of them. P-A-R-T-Y T-I-M-E!!!

Mac opening Green Lantern, with Daddy's Green Lantern T-shirt in the background. We are all about Super Heroes over here.

He really, really, really wanted an Xbox R2D2

Now he wants to know: Is he going to school tomorrow? And, are we getting bunk beds for the big boys room for him to move downstairs? Two things we've discussed, "when you turn 5...." I just didn't realize he expected it immediately.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Blog is Suffering

I've had two posts since the New Year. I can't promise that will get better, but I can promise I will try. I've been sick for about three weeks and I've been trying to get back into the swing of life. I think I am on the mend and hope my blog will suffer no longer.

A few months ago I printed my 2009 blog book and I love having it. I can't wait to print 2010 (when funds allow), so I am determined to keep blogging to preserve our memories.

Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monkey Burrito

More often than not, when I wake up Capps for school he is wrapped tightly in his comforter between his mattress and the wall. (my iPhone not a fan of dark rooms, this was the best picture I could get)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why I'm a fan!

For those of you sad souls (*cough*Moriah*cough*) that don't care about sports, this will bore you. For the rest of you, I have a wide range of teams and thought I'd reflect why?

College Football - Alabama. In 6th grade, I had a crush on a boy. I was the girl that didn't have a lot of boyfriends, but had tons of friends that were boys. This particular boy was a flirt and I got to wear his BAMA hat all the time. I've been saying, "Roll Tide" ever since. Thank goodness he wasn't a UT fan - whew! Unfortunately, my eldest son has been corrupted by Uncle Daniel and cheers for UT. My second son has been corrupted by Uncle David and cheers for UGA.

NFL Football - Dalla Cowboys, Ameria's Team. In 1989, I decided I needed to pick a team. I always enjoy a good underdog win, so I picked the worst team in the NFL. They were 1-15 that year. Then, in 1992, they won the Super Bowl. I just might have had a huge lone star in the back window of my car. I had posters hanging over my bed in high school that looked like this:NHL (hockey) - Colorado Avalance. I grew up watching hockey. I love hockey! I've even played a very non-official family game on my grandparents frozen creek. When Jason joined the family, he was forced to be a fan, but he willingly was forced. After Jason had a better understanding of the game, he really enjoyed watching CLAUDE LEMIEUX play. He was a dirty player, the kind you either hate or love. We have a puck signed by Mr. Lemieux and we also have a poster that was signed by the entire 2001 Avs team. Shortly after we got the poster, they won the Stanely Cup. So awesome!
Baseball (MLB) - St. Louis Cardinals. No, I'm not a jump-on-the-band-wagon-fair-weather-fan. If you know my family, you know it is true. Unfortunately for my father, I'm not a huge baseball fan. I do love to go to games, but lets be honest, that is mostly for the cotton candy and hotdogs. Plus, it isn't hard to cheer for this cute guy.

Basketball (NBA) - Jason hates basketball and I'm tired of these babies. I liked the Detroit Pistons, and, of course, I loved the Chicago Bulls - Scottie Pipen, Michael Jordan, etc. Hated everything Boston Celtics. Now, I have a few players I enjoy following, but I it is hard to get into it when your husband doesn't enjoy watching.

College Basketball - Duke. We don't have cable, so we don't get a lot of games, but I love March Madness. I won the family NCAA pool last year and I don't think there was enough praise for that - I'm just sayin'. I've always enjoyed watching Duke play. I had a huge crush on Christian Laettner in Jr. High. Other favorites: Grant Hill and J.J. Redick. Now that my little brother has graduated with a Masters from Duke and has bought us t-shirts, we are a family of fans!

NASCAR - This is a tricky, most recently changed, one! I don't know how I started watching, but I have for as long as I can remember. When Kyle Bush started driving the M&Ms car I decided that he was a perfect match for me. Yes, it was a dorky reason to cheer for someone, but if you knew my love for peanut M&Ms you'd understand. In recent years, I've not really aproved of some of Kyle's antics, but I don't like wishy-washy fans. After the last few races of this past season I declare myself, "Not a Kyle Bush fan". I can't handle it anymore. So, I'll go with my kids and say, "Go, Carl Edwards". Who doesn't like someone that flips off his car backwards if he wins? Tennis - always a huge fan of Andre Agassi and of Monica Seles. Monica got stabbed by a crazy fan and her game was never the same. Agassi retired in 2007 and I'm still not sure who I'm cheering for. I feel like I'm supposed to cheer for Andy Roddick to cheer for the American, but I really like Novak, Djokovic.

Golf - yep, I've even been known to sit a watch a whole match of golf. I enjoy cheering for Jesper Parnevik. Partially, because it bugs my Dad and, partially, because I enjoy his clothes (as I flipped through pictures to pick for this blog entry, he kinda reminds me my Daegan). He broke his back and I'm currently looking for a new player to cheer for! Not that I have to say this, but in the Olmpics, I'm cheering for USA (I LOVE THE OLYMPICS). Ruth, you better be cheering USA also!!!!

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