and kids

and kids

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Recap

It has been a good weekend, so I wanted to recap it!

Is it fair to recap just because it was good? Well, it is my blog and I can post what I want! Right?

It started with Jason picking up the kids from school Friday afternoon. Any day that I don't have to carpool is automatically good. At about 4:45 I got a text from a friend to see if we could get a last minute babysitter and double date. We usually hire babysitters for date night, but I called Mom and she was willing to help out. Yeah for Grandma!

We went to an awesome "burger lounge" that we had never been to before - and we had a gift certificate, bonus! Ironically, I didn't get a burger, but had an incredible salad that was covered in sugar snap peas, asparagus, beets, corn and sun-dried tomatoes. It was so yummy! I must confess it wasn't a decision to be healthy - I also enjoyed some potato skins and some incredible onion rings.

Saturday morning I took Tavis to the library, which was fun because he was amazed at the size of the local library compared to the one at school. I'll try not to mention the fact that we were looking for a book for him to read for a book report due on Tuesday - he had already read one book but failed to keep track of the book, so we were making him read another whole book this weekend. When I got home, I got a call from my sister-in-law to meet for lunch. We met, ate, visited and then shopped a little together.

I came home, worked on my digital scrapbook while sitting on the deck, took a nap, served cereal, mac-and-cheese and popcorn for dinner (I know, stellar mom award!) and enjoyed watching a really exciting football game with the hubby.

Today, Sunday, consisted of going to church, lunch at Mom's, a beautiful day for the kids to play outside, and some reading time at home for EVERYONE. Then we watched 'Thor" as a family (good flick), ate cereal for dinner again (because that is what we do on Sunday, no matter what) and now the kids are in bed, I'm blogging while keeping track of the NASCAR lap-by-lap online and watching a football game and Jason is playing Xbox.

A perfect weekend!

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  1. I love that yall have cereal for dinner! My kids love when we do that- my hus, not so much- so we do it when I know he won't be home for dinner.


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