and kids

and kids

Friday, February 24, 2012

Home Show Madness

Jason decided to participate in the Home Show this year. Many carpenters say they get an entire years worth of work at the show. So, all week, Jason and his business partner, Kevin, have been working on getting everything ready. You want to have a booth that represents your business, so they built a little deck/pergola area with a stone fireplace.

I wasn't sure I was going to get to go, but I ended up getting to surprise him and show up today before picking the kids up from school. He was so excited I got to come by and I think they did a great job!Jason called me about 5:30 today and told me they absolutely underestimated the number of business cards they would need. The first of three days wasn't even over yet and they had already handed out over 300.

Apparently, you can order business cards from Staples and pick them up in a few hours. So, I ordered 1,000. Then I took the boys (Mollee is at a friend's house) to get a Redbox movie, then I let the them pick out a treat for movie night. From there we headed to get some pizza for dinner and we were going to swing by and get the business cards on the way home.

The business card cutter was given them grief and it took WAY longer than expected. We went and sat in the van and ate our pizza, and our treats and walked around the store for a long time. Then we just parked it and waited.

By the time we got home it was after 8:00, so the boys didn't get to watch their movie. Everyone was a good sport, because they were so excited that Daddy needed more cards. Plus, Jason thought he was going to have to go pick them up tomorrow morning before he headed back to the show and we picked them up for him as a surprise.

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