and kids

and kids

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hotter than Hades Memorial Day

And not just because of the hot day - see below!
 All of the sudden our weather has turned hot!  So hot!  The kind of hot I hate, unless by the pool!  So, we borrowed the neighbors pool for a couple hours to celebrate Memorial Day.  Jason didn't go to work and I didn't do any paperwork. 

Just chillaxin'!! (look at my cute boy in his new bathing suit)
 Unfortunately, Daegan only lasted a few minutes.  He cried because his ears popped every time he went under water.  If I was supposed to get him to wear ear plugs after tonsillectomy and ear tubes, no one told me.  But he swam briefly and then had to get out?  *sigh*

 Even Daddy got in and worked on his farmer's tan...briefly.

Then, for dinner we went to the Gregory's house.  And that is where the heat started.  Apparently, their AC is out and it was a holiday, so they had to wait to have it repaired.  And it was hot!  And I'm glad I wasn't the pregnant one.  :)

But we had fun!  And stayed too late - Chris finally kicked us out at 11:00.

Daegan and the twins!
 The girls playing with a bucket of water
 Capps and Christopher being boys
 and a little game of Foosball
And then back home to a 20 degrees cooler house and everyone in bed before midnight!!!  Happy Memorial Day!

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