and kids

and kids

Monday, April 15, 2013

Omar, Omar, Omar

We've had Omar for a month now.  Overall, things have gone well.  He is very playful and loves to snuggle - a perfect combination.  He is almost 100% potty trained (we got lucky that his foster Mom did most of the hard work for us).  But, we've had some interesting happenings that I will list here for a future read:
  • He has gotten on top of the kitchen table a few times.  Once, was funny - multiple times, not so funny.
  • He has chewed some siding off the house (Moriah, sound familiar?)
  • He got carsick on the way to his first vet visit.
  • He has sharp teeth.  The kids have many teeth scrapes (don't think they can be called bites?) and many shirts now have holes in them where he has jumped up on the kids.
  • He has destroyed many dog toys already. 
  • He loves to chase around empty coke bottles on the deck.
  • He is learning to "sit" and "lay down" and "stay" with treats, but when you say "All Gone" he howls like his best friend died.  (apparently, he has some hound in him, along with boxer)
  • He has ripped all the mesh covering off the bottom of the antique chairs we got from Mima - so, the springs are now exposed.
  • He likes Jason's slippers.
  • He likes to take a nap laying in the afternoon sun on the deck.
  • AND - He can open the den door to get inside by himself.  It is a screened door and doesn't latch very well.  He has learned that he can bite the bottom of the door and if he swings it wide enough, he can slip in.  I really want to catch that on video sometime!
  • And for his one-month anniversary day - I went to put him in his crate to go run some errands and found the following on my deck/in the yard: three toothbrushes, my pajamas, a tube of sunscreen, an empty Panera bag (I had bought muffins), a can of tobacco and one of Jason's pipes.  When the kids got home, Capps came in with one of my bras and said he found it out in the yard (it had been hanging up drying).  Capps innocently said, "I don't know why he would want that, he is a BOY dog".
Still laughing about that one, Capps!

But not laughing about the destruction.  Good thing he is cute!

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  1. oh my...sounds like an oversized ferret...only he has access to more articles and a more public place to hide them ;)


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