and kids

and kids

Monday, November 2, 2015

Daegan's "Not" Asthma

Daegan doesn't technically have asthma, but every time he gets a sinus infection in the Fall, he ends up on breathing treatments and everyone upset with his peak flow meter readings.  He is "almost in the hospital" low on his readings and has been for days. But he played two SPRING soccer seasons and had no trouble at all??

When he does breathing treatments, he doesn't want to waste a minute.  He reads.
UPDATE: Daegan's peak flow meter readings have been 170, no matter how many steroids or antibiotics we pump into him. They are supposed to be 340. After ten days, they finally started to budge toward 220 and continued to rise.

All during this time, he was taking antibiotics too for a sinus infection. He had his brain MRI, re-test from last year, and everything checked out good for him, but the MRI showed a terrible sinus infection. So, he gets to increase his dose and take two more weeks of stomach-killing meds.

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