and kids

and kids

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Crazy Uno - Our New Obsession

The Pirschel's taught us how to play Uno, their way. This version has many different names - Crazy Uno, Mexican Uno, Pirschel Uno.  You decide.

It is fun! Many can play it together and even Mac gets into it without hesitation.

You play with multiple Uno decks, which equals four decks. If someone plays a card and you have the identical card, you can play it instantly and then the play continues from your spot in the circle (most likely skipping many). If someone plays a Draw Four and another person has that same card to play, they can play it immediately and the next person in the circle has to Draw Eight. We've had a few painful experiences of Draw Sixteen.

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  1. I was taught this Version on Cape Town.... it makes it so much fun


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