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and kids

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Report Cards 2015-2016

For my records...

After ADD testing for Mollee and Tavis, our second semester resulted in a lot less stress. Both of them on different meds to help them focus, which has led to less tears and frustration. I'm proud of both of them and their hard work.

Mollee - got all B (+ in Biology and Economics, she even got an A on the Econ exam) and one C+ in Algebra. This is huge! She worked hard and did great. The B's were in English, Gospels, Spanish, and Wellness.

Teacher Comments: cooperates consistently, sweet spirit, well prepared, unique and talented, lovely and intuitive, gentle spirit was a good asset to class, good attitude, truly a pleasure to have her in class

Tavis - No C's for this boy that is usually straight C's. Two A's and four B's. Amazing!

Teacher Comments: attentive, worked hard, a pleasure to have in class, tender spirit and respectful attitude toward everyone, shows respect for authority, consistently did well, respects others, respect for authority, great progress

Daegan - All honors classes, all A's except a B+ in English - which we were expecting because of the teacher, he is dealing with this ok.

Teacher Comments: is a very thoughtful student of the bible, willing to do what is asked, always prepared, a pleasure, creativity and energy brings life to class discussions, super job, willing to do what is asked

Capps - All A's, even his 7th grade math (as a 5th grader)

Mrs. Sikkema's review: What a joy it has been to teach Capps. He excels in his work. I can tell his mind is always processing and critiquing information and ideas. He ask questions when appropriate and shares thoughts during discussions, showing a depth in his critical thinking skills. He is very well equipped for the new challenges of Upper School. Capps has a sensitive heart that shows concern for others in need. He also has a strong desire to be Christ-like in his life choices and in his interactions with others. He is a delight.

Mac - A's in Art, Bible, Music, PE, Social Studies, and Wellness. B in Language Arts, and C's in Math, Reading, and Science.

Ms. Gordon's review: I am pleased with his reading progress this year. He works hard, but needs to get over the hump of staying on task. He will rise to the occasion and do well in fourth grade. Maybe work on math facts over the summer. :)

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