and kids

and kids

Friday, March 10, 2017

Flying Solo

This week at work has been long and crazy, but totally doable, if necessary. I appreciate those that I work with because they cover for me when I have a sick kid and have to work from home and I am happy to cover for them when they are gone.

My quote this week has been "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" Young has been in Romania for a few weeks on his yearly trip. Carol went on a last minute trip to Minnesota to see an ailing grandmother. And Susan came in for an hour Monday morning, in hopes not to leave me alone, but I sent her home and she later tested positive with the flu.

These are the days you really learn to appreciate your co-works. I am missing my support staff, but I have been very thankful for Emily to come in and help as she could. Having someone cover the phones and answer the front door is a huge help.

I survived.


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