and kids

and kids

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Child's Perspective

We usually eat dinner at church on Wednesdays, but last week I had a headache, Mac hadn't taken a nap and, well, we just weren't motivated to go. To avoid thinking of something for dinner, I headed out to get some smoked chicken for sandwiches. On my way to our regular barbecue place I saw another place that was much closer to our house. I decided to try it. I just ordered 1 lb. like I normally would and it ended up being a little more expensive than I had expected. Tavis was with me and when I commented, "This better be good since it cost more", Tavis said, "Of course it will be better mom. When you buy a cheap toy it always breaks right away, but the more expensive toys are always better. So, if this chicken is more money it will definitely be better." Oh, kids!

Thankfully, he was right and we have found ourselves a new barbecue place!


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