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and kids

Sunday, March 1, 2009

NASCAR Fantasy League

Yes, I said NASCAR. I have never played sports, although I think I would have enjoyed playing if spectators were not involved. Jason is sure I would have been a good athlete, but I have terrible fear of being "in front" of people that I never tried to play anything. I really think I would have enjoyed track and possibly tennis, maybe even soccer since it was the 'family sport'.

I digress.

Back to NASCAR. I love sports! I'm a huge NFL fan. I've cheered for the Dallas Cowboys as long as I've been involved with NFL. I actually started to cheer for them as the underdog in 1989 (I think that was the year?) when they were 1-15. That was my 7th grade year and by my senior year they were winning Super Bowls. Jason liked College Football when we got married, but I 've gotten him into the NFL world (although he is not a Cowboys fan!). We enjoy football games all weekend long throughout the Fall. I also am a huge NHL fan, that is hockey for those of you that have no idea. Jason said it was a yankee sport (Dad from New Jersey, Mom from Pennsylvania), but he has slowly gotten into that also. Unfortunately, here in the South you don't get to see a lot of games if you don't have cable, but we cheer in our hearts. We are Colorado Avalanche fans!

I digress.

Back to NASCAR. Now I have convinced Jason to watch NASCAR. I'm a Kyle Busch fan. I guess you love him or hate him, but hey, he drives the M&M car, what is there not to like? [I'm a Scott Dixon fan for Indy races because he drives the Target car] The first NASCAR race was a few weeks ago and Jason and I got involved in a fantasy league with some friends that we recently found out also liked NASCAR. You pick four drivers each week and get points depending on their ranking at the end of the race. There are more rules than that, but I won't bore you with them. My race today was going well. My four guys were 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 8th (out of 40+ cars in case you don't know) for much of the race. I was feeling good. The guy I'm most interested in beating (Jeremy Armao) in the league had two of his guys' engines die so they were out of the race. YIPPEE for me! My guys ended up 6th, 7th, 8th and 24th and I'm waiting for them to post the scores.

I love sports! Maybe my way of picking who I cheer for is unconventional, but Kyle Busch won today (even though I wasn't able to pick him in my fantasy league and Jason was - UGH!).

..............................Ok, they rankings are posted, out of 19 guys, I'm #5, but I'm ahead of Jeremy!

and if you are interested, Jason is #1 - beginner's luck!


  1. Your dad's from New Jersey?! LOL. (So is Andy.)

    I tagged you in my post today. :)

  2. I am a huge NFL fan too!!! Not so much NASCAR. I played Fantasy football last year and can't wait until this season. It is so rare to meet another crazy NFL girl fan.


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