and kids

and kids

Monday, September 5, 2011

5 inches of rain in 13 hours =

Mommy announcing everyone can go outside and play in the rain.

Of course, Mollee was the first one out the door! Running laps around the house
and playing under the section where the gutter is clogged.
Daegan joined the laps around the house.
And he never met a puddle he didn't like!
Tavis couldn't believe all the nonsense, but wasn't sure he wanted to be left out?
He got his feet wet (a little)
Of course, Mollee found the mud!

Jason will probably be here all day (since it isn't too hot) - please ignore the puddles in the corners. If only I knew someone who built decks.....
Mac and Capps can never be convinced that getting messy or wet is a good idea, they will be playing in their pjs all day!
And, again, proof that I was outside, getting soaked, taking pictures.

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