and kids

and kids

Friday, August 26, 2011

First Full Week of School

We've survived! That pretty much sums it up.

Last night I went to a 'Classroom' meeting for parents to learn how homework will look, what teachers expect and big projects coming up in the year. It is always a helpful evening, but I had to push myself to be motivated to go. Unfortunately, I had to fly thru like a crazy person because they had time for you to visit two classrooms, I had four to visit.

The kids seemed to have a good week. Mollee has been so happy and organized and loving it all. Tavis has been a little stressed with homework. Daegan has apparently been completing his homework on his own, I didn't know he had any until the meeting last night - thankfully, he's been turning it in. Good job Mom, I know! Capps would say he wishes he could stay home and play with Mac, but he comes to the dinner table each night telling about "the best day ever".

Life for Jason and I has been quite crazy and very stressful. I wasn't sure what the start of school would look like for us - make it better or crazier? Still not sure.

My job is going well and my responsibilities are exponentially increasing every few days (recently taking over the bookkeeping also). I'm trying to find that balance between getting my work done and taking care of the home. Still working on this balance.

Things for Jason have also been very stressful, for various reason that I will not get into here. I really feel like there has been a cloud of stress hanging over the household.

And that is why this weekend is what we need. We are going to have family movie night tonight. No chores tomorrow. And Sunday we'll go to church and then back home for more vegging out!

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  1. good plan! those kinds of weekends are so helpful


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