and kids

and kids

Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's Cool In The Furnace

Mac and Capps were my two Music Campers this year - and they loved it!  Mollee was also a helper, so it was just me with Tavis and Daegan all week. 
 (Mac - second row, toward middle of this picture)
 (Capps - near top, toward middle)
This year they did "It's Cool In The Furnace" about Daniel, Shadrach, Mescach and Obednigo. 

They had a blast and I am so glad we got to participate this year!

As a side story - usually, after Music Camp, they have an ice cream social.  This year, they did not, so we went to Burger King to partake of their 50 cent ice cream cones.  We went to one Burger King and they were out of ice cream ("truck is comin' tomorrow sir").  So, we went to another Burger King.  They were out of cones, so we got cups - but after we ordered they told us they had no more spoons.  Way to plan for your 50 cent sale BK!!

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