and kids

and kids

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Steps2Hope and Team Andrew

Many of you know the story.  Many of you have seen the story on my blog.  Andrew Smith, a boy in our church that I used to babysit, lost his legs in the explosion from a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.  We have all cried, prayed, watched God work miracles and prayed some more.
Steps2Hope, an organization in our community, has put together an incredible opportunity to build Andrew, and his wife, Tori, a home - in a week!
I woke up at 5:30 this morning and headed to the site to help with breakfast
I helped serve breakfast and clean up.  And then continued to carry drinks and food to all the people that came out to work.  You become really popular when you are always walking around with sausage biscuits and doughnuts. 

You also realize how out-of-shape you are when you walk up this driveway from the food tent to the house about 30 times.
I had a blast working this morning.  I loved helping out for such a great couple and family!
Around the property they have flags placed in honor of different people that have served in the military.  I found this very special one:
I got home around 2:00, absolutely exhausted.  About 2:30 Jason got a call and was asked if he could come work on the trim at 5:00.  His tools were all at his most recent jobsite - on the opposite side of the world from this site.  Since I hadn't seen him yet, I rode with him to get all of his stuff. 

We took the kids to Papa and I went with Jason back to the site.  I wanted to be where Jason was and I figured I could continue to serve food while he worked.  We got to the site a little after 5:00 and they were still mudding the drywall, and even still hanging it in some places.  You can't put up trim until mud is dry.  They told him it would probably be closer to 10:00. 

The delay was not that surprising, it just meant that Jason will be working the night shift.  So, we ate dinner with the crowd, Jason took me home and then headed back.  I'm sitting at home, exhausted and trying to blog...

Added later: Jason didn't get home until 4 AM.  Unfortunately, he was not able to work on much trim, but he did work on the tongue-and-groove ceiling.

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