and kids

and kids

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A lazy Sunday afternoon in the ER

Could also be titled, "I met Dr. Travis Stork today" :)

After Dad's incredible sermon this morning, he seemed short of breath.  I even mentioned to Jason - "he doesn't look so good".

By the time he walked down the aisle after the benediction, he nearly collapsed from exhaustion.  There are a few doctors in our church that immediately helped out.  Dad is ok.  In hindsight, it seems his blood sugar got way too low and his body went into shock.

Because of Dad's 1% medical history, everyone agreed that he needed to go to the hospital ASAP.  Because he was so out-of-it and was so dizzy, we called an ambulance to help with transport - plus, that gets you into the ER quicker.

I drove Mom behind the ambulance and we hung out in the ER.  Heather came and after the Dr decided to keep Dad overnight, Heather took Mom back to the house to gather items she would need for the evening.

While they were gone, Dr. Travis Stork came thru the ER.  He was in town for an Expo downtown and he was touring a local ER.  I got to meet him.  Our nurse encouraged me to get a picture with him, but there was such a crowd waiting for pictures, I didn't go for it.  I should have....

It would make for a great blog post pic.

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