and kids

and kids

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This sums up my mindset these days

Capps got invited to a birthday party for tonight from 6-8.  I got an e-mail about it a few weeks ago and got the invitation in the mail last week.  I put it on every one of my calendars.  And I put it in my phone calendar.  Usually, when I have things like that, I have my phone send me an alert 24 hours before and then 2 hours before.

I got the text last night.  We talked about the party this morning.  I saw it on the kitchen calendar at lunch.  And then it left my mind.  And I didn't get my 2-hour prior text.

I cooked dinner tonight, Jason came home late, we sat down to eat at 6:30.  At about 6:50, Capps asked, "What time is Elliott's party?"  


This is the new me.  I can't remember anything unless I've written it down and put it in my phone.  And, apparently, I can't remember then either.  

So, we rushed out the door to catch the second half of the party.  Capps missed the bowling, but he made it just in time for the laser tag.

 And he won the laser tag game - so I was forgiven.
But he did say to me - "It is ok, Mom.  I forget a lot of things too.  And, I guess I just get that from you!"

Thanks, son!

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