and kids

and kids

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Fabulous Weekend

It has been a good, relaxing weekend.  Jason didn't have work on Thursday or Friday, it is always nice to have him around for a few extra days.

Mollee's class had been to Project SOAR, which is a camping, relationship-building 2-day trip (Wednesday and Thursday).  On Friday, they didn't have to go to school, they just had to do an online class and take a quiz.  So, she and I, went on a lunch date to Panera.
Then, Friday night, we celebrated Mimi's Birthday
 And the kids always enjoy playing with Libby
While Jase and I relax on the couch :)
Saturday started out lazy.  The boys watched cartoons, Jason and Mollee always sleep in and I mosey around the house not doing much, but trying to keep things quiet for Jase to sleep.

Then we ended up outside.  Jason cut the grass and I started to pull weeds.  It wasn't my plan, but I started and I was in the pjs, but I kept going.

We got a lot of yard work done, which one or two days is about my quota for the year - so I assume I'm good until spring.  Ha.

Since the temperature was perfect and there was a slight breeze, I decided it was a great day for a picnic in the front yard.  We set up our blanket, I made plates and we had a wonderful picnic.
I love this kind of spontaneous, family fun!

We headed inside, I took a nap and watched football, Jason played Xbox and the kids enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Saturday night we had a double date planned with Chris and Reba.  They were having a hard time finding a babysitter, so I asked the girl that was keeping our kids, if she'd be willing to keep all 11 kids together - and she, crazily, said yes!

Our date was saved and the evening was fabulous.  Yummy burgers and then we headed to a coffee house in the park and just sat on the patio and enjoyed adult conversation with no kid interruption.

Christine rocks!!!

Sunday, we went to church, had lunch at Mom and Dad's and then sat on the deck and socialized, while the men did the crossword puzzle.  We headed home, I took a nap and watched football (are you seeing a pattern yet?).  Jason took Mollee and Tavis to youth group, Daegan played Xbox and Capps and Mac played outside.

I love weekends that have weather cool enough to enjoy outside!  I love weekends were we can make a few more memories.  I love weekends when I get to be lazy (as work becomes busier and busier, I cherish my weekends a little more).  I love weekends with a great Sunday worship service.  And I love weekends that consist of football and naps.

This has been a fabulous weekend!


  1. we had an amazing weekend too, even with one kid sick. love the pic of all the kids on the floor with the baby.

  2. Saturday I had the windows open and I could smell fall for the first time. Always one of my favorite days of the year. Glad you had a great weekend!


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