and kids

and kids

Friday, September 13, 2013

Daegan gets contacts

On Tuesday, Daegan went to the eye doctor.  It was time for a check up and he wanted to try out contacts.  Jason and I had no doubt that Daeg would be responsible enough to handle contacts, I just didn't realize and/or remember the beginning of contacts.  

At the doctor office, they made him put the contacts in, take them out and put them in again before we could leave.  It took about an hour, but he was a trooper and never gave up.  Two different nurses helped him at separate times.  
In typical Daegan, 1% fashion (family joke), he needs the hardest contacts to put in.  They are weighted soft contacts for astigmatism.  They are hard to keep on your fingers, and are a little hard to get suctioned to your eye.

But Daegan has been awesome.  He has set his watch alarm and gotten up early by himself to make sure he has enough time to put them in.  Each day it has gotten less and less time.
 Way to go, Daegan!!!  You are an amazing young man!

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  1. I seriously doubt I could handle this - go Daegan!


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