and kids

and kids

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Putin And Tavis

So, as we sit around the dinner table, actually having good dinner conversation Tavis says,

"Would you get put in jail if you went to a busy city in Russia and yelled STOP  PUTIN!"

say this out loud to yourself and think boys and gas

Of course, he wasn't asking this because he wanted to know about jail in Russia, he wanted to get everyone to laugh because he said a form of 'tooting' at the dinner table.

And he succeeded.  Mac didn't get it but was laughing hysterically.  Mollee literally shot milk out of her nose and spit it all over the table.  Daegan and Capps were also laughing.  Jason and I, maybe not our proudest moment but were so shocked and it was so unexpected, and so funny, we were laughing hysterically too.

And Tavis was sitting proudly at the end of the table, with a smirk.

......I think he and his buddies worked on that little joke in study hall.

Well played, my son.  Well played.


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