and kids

and kids

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowpocalypse or Snowmageddon?

It is so fun to have multiple SNOW posts in one year!  I told the kids to enjoy this Winter because this may not happen again during their childhood.

Yesterday they had a snow day that consisted of an inch or two of icier snow.  It snowed in the morning and then all day it sleeted and rained and just hovered around freezing.  A very yucky day, but of course, the kids played and sledded and built and very dirty (lots of grass included) snowman.

The weather reports indicated we would get 5-8 inches of snow, but it had already turned over to rain and the roads were not that bad.  The kids were doubtful.  We got a text right before dinner that there would be no school on Thursday either because of conditions coming, which was perplexing.

And then it started to snow.

Huge Snowflakes.  And they just kept coming.  And coming.  We watched the Olympics and it kept coming.  We measured and we had 3 inches.  And it kept snowing.  The kids went to bed and I watched Olympics a little more.  A little after midnight, the little kid inside me couldn't handle it any more.  I had to go check things out.

In my flip flops and bathrobe, I went outside and snapped a few photos.
Everything was so pretty.  And then this, we may have even gotten more?
At 7:15 this morning, I popped out of bed.  I wanted to see what the white world looked like (and not just by moonlight) and I wanted the kids to enjoy it before the temperature went above freezing.

I let Omar out and was pleasantly surprised that he loved it too!  I say pleasantly surprised because he hates being cold and he hates being wet?
This was the view from our driveway
And random whiteness
 And, of course, there was a lot of fun going on too!
 Brother/Sister Love/Hate
 Omar taking in all the chaos from the deck!
Tavis (in short sleeves) cleaning off my van - which now has a crack in the windshield that he knows nothing about....
Oh, my goodness what a fun two days!  We didn't have internet today so I wasn't expected to work.  We had plenty of groceries so there was no stress there.  If only the temps had stayed colder a little longer to enjoy the snow longer than a day....

Snowpocalypse or Snowmageddon?  Maybe not - but for us, we can dream, can't we?

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