and kids

and kids

Friday, September 26, 2014

Homecoming 2014 - "Let the Games Begin"

A great, fun, long day!

I went and ate lunch with some of the kids and enjoyed popsicles in the courtyard with Daegan, Seth and Colin.
 Here is the car Mollee's art class helped decorate last year titled "Let the Games Begin".  They even won recognition for it regionally.
 After the Upper School got seated at the football field, the Elementary School paraded over!
 And, yes, Mrs. Davis has A LOT of Spirit!
 And so does Mrs. Beirne!
 Coach Spence leading the school song!
 Then home at 12:30 and back to school for alumni stuff at 6:00 and game at 7:30.

We got to sit with the David Caines crew and the JR Caines half crew.  Peter thought it would be funny to hold Louisa.  :)
 Choral (alumni too) signing the National Athem
 And, I took this shot out of pride - the two dots to the right of the score board are Daegan and Isaiah.  When the anthem started, Daegan jumped up and stood toward the flag.  
 The sky looked rough, but it was a good night
 Go Chargers!
 During halftime, the school presented a check to the Willa Ibach, as a representation to Lynn Perkins (sisters) whose son is struggling with a lung disease and may need a lung transplant.  This year the class of '94 (being 20 years) was able to pick who Spirit Week supported and we picked Gideon Perkins!
 And the High School Spirit floats, sticking with the game theme -

Freshman: Clue
 Sophmores: Monopoly
 Juniors: LIFE
 Seniors: Candyland
 Seniors won for their float, but in the Spirit competition for the Elementary School, 5th grade won!  Whoo-Hoo!
Now, back to boring school next week....

Oh, and we played a great football game.  Typically, with such a young football program we get killed at homecoming and nobody cares, but this year it was actually 14-14 and then the other team scored another touchdown.  So, we lost 21-14, but a good game!

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