and kids

and kids

Friday, September 26, 2014

Spirit Week

This week has been Spirit Week at school, which I enjoy waaay too much.

Marvel Monday (meaning Super Heroes):
 Tropical Tuesday (ES version)

funny story - even tho Mac is my biggest supporter of Spirit Week, he was not thrilled about having to wear a button down to school.  So, as you can see, he has a dark shirt underneath, which was one of his favorite t-shirts.  His plan - shed the uncomfortable shirt as soon as he got credit for dressing up.  When he left for school that morning he said, "Daddy, when you see me tonight - I WILL be wearing a different shirt".  Stinker!
 Fairy Tale Tuesday (MS version) - in case you can't tell Mollee is a fairy and Tavis is Paul Bunyan??
Wild Kingdon Wednesday:
 We had no power that morning, so I had to use my flash :(
Theme Thursday - each class had a game they had to dress up like

Mac had Twister and Capps had Monopoly, Daegan - Operation, Tavis - Mario and Mollee - Life
 The kids were finally start to trust my face painting...
And Friday - CHARGER DAY!!!!!
 Pep Rally at Noon, Football Game at 7:00.

And since it is 2014, that means this is my classes 20th year reunion at Homecoming - say whaaat??

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