and kids

and kids

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Flannel Memories

I like to wear flannel shirts in the Fall as a extra layer to my jeans and t-shirts.  I have three flannel shirts.  And they all have a special place in my heart.
The one on the left belonged to Freda Lowe, a very special lady that passed away a year ago today.  She meant so much to so many people and she just happens to be the mother of my sister-in-law too.  I was honored to get a few of her things.

The shirt in the middle was a flannel I stole from Jason twenty years ago.  And, yes, I still have it and still wear it.  When I just happened to show up at my brother's cabin often, as a freshman in college, one night I needed an extra layer of warmth.  It seemed better to borrow Philip's roommates shirt rather than Philip's shirt - and never return it!

The one on the right belonged to my Grandpa J.  He passed away last year and this was one of those things that really made me think of him.  I was extremely pleased no one else put "yellow flannel" on their wish list as his things were being passed out.  

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