and kids

and kids

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Daegan Smiles From Face Time and Legos

As Daegan struggles to read and struggles to do math, he does not struggle to do Legos.  I do not understand this, but I am told that because the instructions are pictures and it is building, it is more kinesthetic and is totally different from reading and math, so it makes perfect sense.  I don't fully get it, but I do know that it makes him feel good that he can still do something.

A friend sent him some sets in the mail and it was a serious spirit-lifter!!!  Look at that smile!
Something else that brings on smiles is Face Time.  It is hard to send Daegan to school because too much overwhelms his brain and it can take him days to recover.  Short spurts are ok if he can get a mental break afterwards.  The school has been awesome and we are doing some lessons at home as we can and they are doing Face Time for some assignments/lessons.  Daegan really feels part of the class again when he can do this.
 Waiting on God's timing for a doctor to helps us find answers.  Until then, we are doing what we can and we are thankful for technology!

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