and kids

and kids

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A "Hostess" Weekend

I love to play hostess, but I don't seem to do it as much as I used to.  When the kids were little, I seemed to do it more.  I think it was because the schedule was less complicated.  Yes, it revolved around bedtimes and nap times, but now it revolves around school, sports, plays, social events, youth group, work, errands, etc.

Jason has met with a group of four guys since about March?  They've tried to meet every other Monday, missing only a few weeks here and there.  On Monday, I decided we should try to have those three families over before Christmas - so we aimed for Saturday.

I also decided to have Pops and Mimi and Uncle Daniel, Aunt Heather and Libby over on Friday night so the kids could show off our Christmas trees.

Once I plan to have people over, I tend to start to get neurotic about lists and cleaning.  I absolutely couldn't care less if the house really got clean or not for the guests, but I LOVE a clean house and love an excuse to have one.  So, each day this week I've cleaned (even knowing the house would be full of kids that would destroy it).

And, I cooked.  And had a reason to.

And, I baked.  I baked treats for our friends.  And dessert for Saturday.

I truly miss doing this!  Maybe a New Year's Resolution in the making??

Friday night we had chili and Mimi brought cornbread, at my request, because that is not something I do justice when I am compared to Mima all of the time.  Unfortunately, Heather got a migraine last minute and they were not able to come.  :(

Saturday was loads of fun with eight adults and thirteen kids.  I cooked continental chicken (chicken, wrapped in bacon on a bed of dried beef, served on top of wild rice - sound healthy?).  The kids played after dinner while the adults socialized.  I didn't sense the chaos, but I think the others did?  I didn't take any pictures except these two:
 Fun, Fun!  Glad I decided to do it and that everyone was available to come!

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