and kids

and kids

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Confessional Post

Remember when I said that for Daegan's OCD/anxiety therapy, there was going to be one more parent session and then we would be done?  Well....

I met with the doctor and you want to know what he said?  He said he didn't think Daegan was OCD at all (which I suspected). He said that he was under the impression that Daegan's mother *cough*cough* was very OCD and since Daegan was a people-pleaser, he appears OCD at times, just to make mom happy.


Guilty as charged. And, makes total sense.

We still have some anxiety to work through, but OCD is off the table.

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  1. So sorry! More Mommy guilt is just what we all need, huh? :(


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