and kids

and kids

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Another Chapter

As I've shared before, in my "One Word" bible study this year, my word is Resilience.  I knew I was asking for it when I picked a word about being stretched.

Sometimes, we are stretched to help us grow and sometimes we are stretched because we aren't listening to God.  Sometimes it is a little bit of both.

For four years I have worked as a Closing Coordinator for a real estate team, similar to work I did prior to getting married/having kids.  When I started, Mac was not yet in school and this work was less than 15 hours a week.  I could do most everything from home and it was the perfect job for me.

The team I work(ed) for has expanded, and expanded.  During the off season I work about 30 hours a week and last Summer I averaged about 50 hours a week - often juggling 30+ contracts at one time.  Still all from my home office, which is awesome, but a lot for a Momma of five with many different school schedules to keep up with.  With my phone buzzing at all hours, paychecks not consistent and a differing opinion of responsibilities, it was time for me to turn in my notice and pray about what was next.

I love this job.  Real estate is what I know.  I am really good at this job.  Clients like me.  Lenders and title companies rely on me.  I LOVE having a home office.  This is my comfort zone.  But, the Lord had made it clear there was another chapter ahead in my life.  Another chapter that I did not know about yet.

I fought with myself for awhile, for months even.  But the Lord made it very clear and when I turned in my notice two weeks ago, a burden was lifted off of me instantly.

Today was my last day.  My last day with my dream job that I've had for four years.  It was an emotional day for many reason that I will not get into here.  But, as I move into this next chapter, I am asking, no I am begging the Lord to help me be resilient during this time.  My income paid bills, it wasn't just extra, and things were tight already.

I know the Lord has not forgotten me and I must remember to trust Him.

As I sit here this evening, unemployed, I know he has a plan - he just hasn't chosen to reveal it to me yet.  I must be patient.

And I don't do patient very well.  *sigh*

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