and kids

and kids

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Eating Glass

Yes, you read that correctly.

Mollee, Tavis and Daegan are all at camp.  This is Mollee's last year for this camp and Daegan's first year.  According to the kids, this is THE BEST WEEK OF THE YEAR!

When Chris' (the youth director) name popped up on my phone, I tried to assume it was one of the boys calling me, and not let my heart sink that there was an injury.  Heck, no child had called me yet.  *Hmpf*

Then, I heard Chris' voice.  "Hey, Gretchen, umm, your son would like to eat glass for the talent show, has he ever done that before?"

Now, I know what you are all thinking.  Tavis.  But, that is not what I was thinking.  I was thinking - Daegan.  He has grand ambitions of being a magician - he watches videos! :)  I was snickering inside.

"No, Chris, he has never done that before.  Thanks for letting me know."

Now, I'm sure your thinking I said - "Heck, No!"  I didn't.  I'm crazy.  I said, "Let me see what his Dad says".  I know, I know.  What is wrong with me??

Jason couldn't believe I was even asking him.  "No, No, No!"

I sent Chris a text.  I actually talked to Daegan twice.  He really felt confident it was going to be fine (he has a lot of Caines negotiating blood)

So, there will be no eating of glass, this year.  I assured him we would check on mastering this talent, for next year...

All I can do is laugh.  Really, this cracks me up!!

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