and kids

and kids

Saturday, June 6, 2015

U12 Champions

This was Jason's second season as a U12 coach and I think he has enjoyed it.  It is frustrating to have bad refs (and you cannot harass these refs like you can harass the middle school refs, especially as the coach), and the many rain-outs were frustrating, but Jason loves his players and I am pretty sure they love him too!

Today was the tournament - even tho, as Capps put it "we are in the 'middle' of Summer", because of so many games rained out it pushed the tournament past the end of school.  Of course, we were the only school, everyone else was a rec team.

Here are some of the players:
 I like this one a lot :)
 Throwing some hip around
 This one cracks me up "for the books" - it is Isaiah, thinking he was fouled and turning to the ref like "hey, call it" - but the ball was still in play...
 Capps throw in
We played at 11:00 and if we won, we played again at 1:00.  And, it was HOT!!!  The second game, the championship game, Jase sat on our side to coach the boys on our sideline - and to make the other parents mad?
This victory was a sweet one!  Not just because it was the tournament but because this team was a bully team all season long.  The coaches were brutal, the parents were intense and the kids played harder and more physical than any other team we ever played.
 We won 6-4!!!

Prayer time afterwards - Love it!
Now, let's find some AC...

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