and kids

and kids

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Papa Retires

Today was definitely a bittersweet day.  Today was Dad's last sermon as Senior Pastor.  We all knew this day was coming, and we all know this day is needed.  

Many tears have been shed today, but I do not feel sad.  Just tears of joy on how Dad was honored today.  Tears of angst towards change.  Tears of excitement for new beginnings.  Tears of stress relief that the day is finally done (working at the church adds a stress of prepping).  

Today was beautiful and I believe it was honoring to the Lord.
 Dad's sermon title was Who...Whose...Why?
Benediction, which Mom walked out with him afterwards and everyone appreciated.  I didn't even know she had done it until people started commenting.
The service also included a baptism of a Horton kid, which seemed appropriate, since Dad loves the babies!

The Evening Service of Thanksgiving was incredible and sweet.  A time of singing and remembering and prayers.  I snapped a picture of everyone that participated.

 Dad scratching his face with this bulletin :)
 Ken, aka Harold
 Cal, who did a great "Get Over It" impression of Dad
And, Dad giving his final benediction as Senior Pastor - now, that is emotional!
Afterwards, there was a nice reception with pictures displayed of Dad throughout his ministry.  A slide show of various CPC pictures and memories, A gift presented by the Women in the Church of a mosaic print of the church building.  And a gift presented from the Congregation of the stained glass window that Dad helped design.  And a lot of story telling by Dee.

 It was a wonderful evening!  Dad was too emotional to speak, which was sorta nice to see.  Sometimes the man can be too stoic.

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