and kids

and kids

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Baby is 5!!


Jason doesn't think this fact is sad, but it makes me very sad. No more babies around here. I know there had to be a "last child" sometime, but the reality that my baby is probably going to kindergarten next year makes me very teary.

Today is Mac's 5th birthday. We celebrated as a family last night to avoid the chaos of Sunday. Mac loves to look at the balloons at Publix, so I thought it would be fun to get him some for his birthday. Of course, they were a big hit! Angry Birds and Super Heroes. Jason and Mollee went to pick up pizza for dinner - here are the big boys waiting patiently for dinner with the birthday boy!

Mac doesn't eat a lot of dessert, but he requested chocolate covered doughnuts and doughnut balls (aka. holes) - I'm not sure he ate any of them. P-A-R-T-Y T-I-M-E!!!

Mac opening Green Lantern, with Daddy's Green Lantern T-shirt in the background. We are all about Super Heroes over here.

He really, really, really wanted an Xbox R2D2

Now he wants to know: Is he going to school tomorrow? And, are we getting bunk beds for the big boys room for him to move downstairs? Two things we've discussed, "when you turn 5...." I just didn't realize he expected it immediately.

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